Thursday, June 12, 2008

Emerald Coast - Veracruz

Heading South down the East coast from Tamaulipas, cross the state line into Veracruz. Along this stretch it is known as the Emerald Coast and it runs for about 50kms from Tecolutla to Nautla. If you are looking for great beaches, wonderful sunrises, and excellent seafood on the cheap this is the spot for you. Many people spend some time here as they head on down to PaaMul and Cancun.
We spent two weeks at Christmas in Las Casitas, Veracruz. Here you will find many beach side rv parks. We chose Neptuno which is one of many along this stretch. Each rv park has its advantages. Neptuno could use some updating but we did have 15 amp service, water, and sewer hookups.

Near by Las Casitas is the town of San Rafael where you can spend the afternoon shopping for goods, groceries, checking the Internet and eating wonderful shrimp cocktails for 30 to 35 pesos with all the trimmings.

A little over an hour's drive to the Northwest is the town of Papantla and the nearby ruins of
Tajin. Tajin is well known for its Voladores, men that climb a pole and perform acrobatics as they spin around it. It draws crowds on a daily basis. The voladores can be found at the entrance to the ruins.

The ruins at Tajin are some of the better kept and maintained that I have visited in Mexico. Construction of the ceremonial buildings at Tajín began about the 1st century and peaked in the Late Classic era, around 600 - 900 AD. They were rediscovered in 1785 and the first excavation began in 1943. One of the great things about Tajin is their visitor's center which has artifacts and descriptions along with the history of Tajin and the excavation. The visitor's center has nice restrooms and it is air-conditioned.

It terms of boondocking locations, beaches along the East coast are easily accessible, with the exception of the rv parks along the Emerald Coast. From the time you cross the border until you hit the most Southern border of Mexico the world is your boondocking spot. Keep in mind the basic rules of the road; ask for permission when possible, know the area a bit before settling in, and most importantly, use your sixth sense. If you are in a place that has a security guard, offer to tip him for keeping an eye on things. Like anywhere in the world, secure your items, and don't leave things unattended in the rig that would be a temptation to someone.

Apart from Bahia Escondida South of Monterrey, Ciudad Victoria, and the parks along the Emerald Coast there aren't many other options but boondocking. As we start our Summer vacation we will be boondocking for a month and I will share where we go and how we do it.

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