Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ruins at Tamuin, San Luis Potosi

The end of March was our Semana Santa or Spring break. On this trip we boondocked all the way from home to Queretero, Hidalgo, San Luis Potosi, and Nuevo Leon. As some of you are members of the RV.Net you may have seen some of these boondocking locations but there are also a lot of readers from the Funfinder group and other forums I belong to.

Tamuin is situated just 70 kms from Tampico, Tamps but belongs to the state of San Luis Potosi. We had no idea that there were ruins there as we headed that way. On our way home from that trip we planned on passing through Tampico and then back to Ciudad Victoria, Tamps. We pulled into the town of Tamuin and parked near the main plaza. What we have been doing lately to find a good boondocking spot when entering a small town, is to park, stop and talk to city officials or the tourist office if there is one, and then take a taxi to various places. We found the tourist office and that is when they gave us a small map of the area as well as the information for Tamohi. We then boarded a taxi and asked the driver about possible spots. He took us down to the river area that they call "La Playa". There is a wonderful sandbar and the area is used as a recreativo for the towns people. It looked good but no shade in sight. Off we went to Tamohi and it would have been great. But a grouchy government guy (who turns out to be a very special person later on in this story) said it was Federal property and off limits. We could see the edge of the ruins and thought it would be too cool to spend the night at some pyramids. Off we went back towards town and we saw one more spot. It was on the edge of the river on a cliff with a great view but not easy access for a TT, a Class C or B would do well there though and it is located next to the thermoelectric plant (very small plant for a very small town).

The driver took us back to the square and we pondered our choices. We then went back to the tourist office and talked to the police. We asked if we could park in front of the school. The answer is always yes. We told them we were teachers on vacation and all agreed. We set up and took off for the pyramids.

When we arrived at the pyramid, the same guy who said we couldn't stay over night, started following us around and he carried a large manila envelope. We thought his job was to make sure we didn't disturb anything. After a few minutes we asked him some questions about Tamohi and its origins. Then it all came out. He started to pull the blueprints, drawings and photos of the ruins. He explained in detail the discovery and excavation and how the place was at one time private property and the owner had known for many years the ruins were on his land. The last photo he pulled out was a picture of himself excavating a tomb of a priest back in 1981. He was the original archeologist who was sent by the government to excavate and chart the site, he has stayed there ever since and is the expert archeologist in Tamohi. He gave us an excellent tour and one we will never forget. We have visited many larger ruins in Mexico but these are just as excited and many times more accessible.

Back in town for the evening, the police stopped by. Knowing we were teachers, he sent for the school's PTA president who came by around 7 p.m. and offered us an electric hookup. It was great, we had a nice chat and then went in for happy hour and after a walk in the plaza where an art fair was taking place.

Customs and culture are so different here and people very open and accepting. I think of a time we have ever been asked to move on or were not allowed to stay in or around a town.

I don't have the other laptop handy with the town pics but I will add those on Saturday.

If you have any questions about Tamuin, SLP or any other boondocking spot please feel free to drop me an email.

ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN - Put things back where you found them.

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  1. hello!
    i would love to see more pictures of the tamuin ruins. i was in san luis potosi this last christmas and i had been planning on visiting the ruins, although we had a little problem come our way and weren't able to go. i visited rio verde slp and san ciro de acosta slp and it is only about 4 hours away from the ruins... please send me some pictures if you can!