Friday, June 20, 2008

Calderón Freezes Food Prices

I have faith in our President, Felipe Calderón however I have to differ with him on the long term effects of freezing food prices on 150 basic items until January 2009. First off, how can there be 150 basic food items? My thinking in basic, is eggs, tortillas, rice, beans, etc.

The masses will only get more upset in January 2009 when they have to face reality. Better to teach people how to shop, to economize, change bad eating habits and improve health. It never happens that way though.
My recommendations to my friends here are shop on line for best prices at supermarkets. This information is available through Profeco (BBB) by city and then by product it gives detailed pricing including leader products that may be priced below market to encourage shoppers. I have still found tortillas at 5.80 pesos a kilo. Mexicans are used to buying from the corner store (big ripoff) or shopping at only one store. Most supermarket chains are now located within easy distance of one another.
Also, eat in season. Because of the Samonella scare in the U.S., tomatoes are now on sale at 25 cents a pound (u.s.). Great time to stock up, do some canning, make salsas, stewed tomatoes, etc. Guaranteed, packaged tomatoe products will also drop for a short time to avoid product expiration.
Change eating habits. Everyone knows the dangers of frying foods in cheap oils. Stop frying and start grilling and baking. Eat less carbohydrates that convert into simple sugars that promote the fatal diseases easily avoidable, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

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