Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tacos de Carne Asada - Sabado Libre

Today is my "dia libre" (free day) so I can eat whatever I want. Sure, I can't go overboard but I am going to enjoy it. On the menu for today are these great carne asada and egg tacos I made for breakfast.

We have the greatest thing and I don't know if they are available yet in Texas supermarkets. Flour tortillas that are ready to cook. You pop them on the "comal" (griddle) and in seconds you have homemade flour tortillas. They rival any made by mamma, no matter what anyone says.

As for the carne asada, some friends were over last weekend and we grilled some arrechera (fajita) on the grill, nice and tender. The leftover I stuck in the freezer and this morning I chopped it up with some eggs and voila!

Take a look at these babies, they were delicious. You can see the packaging, uncooked tortillas, and the finished product.

So you are wondering, what's up for the rest of the day in terms of menu? Just one thing, Chinese buffet for a late lunch and I will try to stick to the vegetable side of the buffet and there will be no dinner tonight.

Also, I am driving out to Allende to check on the electric meter to see if it was installed. Keep your fingers crossed! Heavy rains are expected for late this afternoon and through Tuesday. Greener pastures are coming.
Take a good look at the sky tonight. What do you think is really out there?

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  1. I am just STUNNED! absolutely in awe of your descriptive narration. Boy I can just taste those tacos...wish I had some right now. Oh and by the way, we do have the ready to cook tortillas in the states, but have never tried them, maybe I will.
    I anticipate returning to MTY sometime soon and enjoying the local color and cuisine with my friends who reside there(their?)
    Ciao' for now, SGF in SAT