Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back Home From San Antonio
I haven't been posting this week. It was a long one. After we returned from SMA I took off on Sunday for San Antonio. I made the decision to help out a friend by doing a "Clean Sweep" intervention. Well, it wasn't really an intervention but we did have a garage sale, sold quite a bit, and cleaned out a bedroom and recarpeted it.

Also, I visited my accountant and we had enough deductions that this year we had zero tax to pay. The tenant who rents the house is a good guy and we came to some agreements to finish out this year. The air conditioner was working overtime as the coil was dirty. All things considered, their bill has been 150 dollars a month running the a/c day and night and with the thermostat set at 70 at night. The neighbors have bills averaging 235 to 350 a month.

I spent most of the week cleaning, throwing away and selling. I was at Gold's Gym everyday in the early a.m. I met a woman who is 94, drives her car to the gym and takes aerobics classes. Now that is an inspiration. A side note to fulltimers, there is a gym everywhere. If you are into boondocking, get a membership at a national chain that is open 24 hours a day and you have a free place to spend the night, workout, sauna, swim and shower. You can't beat that.

My personal observations were that there are lots of people without work and in need of money. I took a carload of books to Half Price Books and it took almost two hours to review what I had taken in. Apartments are vacant, houses are empty, and lots of people asking for money. Sad situation.

If you haven't read the, I got a ticket for speeding in Nuevo Laredo. The cop had me on radar and I followed him to the OXXO convenience store to pay the ticket. All legit, and I have my receipt and ticket to show I paid the fine. What a great system. Do we have that in the states?

Here is a picture I took on the way home about halfway between Laredo and Monterrey. I will find a way to get there someday!

Tomorrow morning I take off for a five city tour of Oaxaca promoting a new book for the publisher. I will attempt to post daily.

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