Thursday, August 13, 2009

My BIL Passed Away Yesterday

I'm saddened and shocked. My BIL died yesterday morning. He had suffered from liver cancer and was just recently diagnosed. A long story made short, my teenage pal and sister married young. The first time around for almost 30 years.

She finally let go and lost a lot in the process. It made her a better woman, a stronger woman and a woman I admire. A couple of years passed and she met Galen. A man a few years older than her, but a real jewel. He loved her, held her hand a lot, treated her like she deserved, almost as if he was making up for all that she had missed out on.

I saw him last year at this time at a family wedding. We always talked about getting together as they had an rv and we could travel together as soon as we retired. Yes, I know, and please don't remind me. Do it now. I was reminded of that just this last week as the same sister answered an email I had sent to my remaining 8 siblings. I had hinted at a family reunion and how it would be nice for us all to be together. My sister answered saying we should look at everyday as a blessing and take advantage of it. She must have known in her heart what was coming.

I love my sister very much. We grew up together and as I entered my adolescense she was by my side for some of those years. She's a good egg. I can't wait to see her in hopes I can attempt to make it all better.

Galen, thanks for loving my sister so much and taking such good care of her. You made a her a very happy person.

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I'm glad your sister was able to share her life with a sweet man.