Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day Trip To Reynosa

I'm writing this from the rv. It's Sunday morning and the rv is still in the driveway and I am having coffee and watching the news. Hey, this is good enough for me. We didn't get to go anywhere as we had an emergency in Reynosa and we headed out early Saturday morning. A good friend lost her mother and we went to the funeral. Wow, this is really getting scary. I also received an email from my brother in Idaho. My niece-in-law lost her father on Friday and our blogging friend Beth, "The World Needs More Pie" lost her husband last week. Beth is a sweet gal and had lived for a spell in Saltillo while her husband worked on building the Dodge Hemi plant. It has just been a hard two weeks all the way around.
Anyway, the highway from Monterrey to Reynosa is in excellent condition. We passed through Cadereyta which is 35 kms from here. Apparently they had quite a downpour but it never touched Monterrey or Santiago. It was a beautiful drive as we left before 8 a.m. in the morning. The traditional military checkpoint (reten) was closed and we just passed through. As we pulled into Reynosa we stopped to get the car washed. Wow, as I have said before, everything here in Monterrey is more expensive. The car wash was 35 pesos and here in Monterrey good luck getting a wash for less than 65 pesos. This guy worked his butt off and got it all cleaned up. He got a good tip.
Off to the funeral home which wasn't far away from where we were. We visited until two in the afternoon and then headed back home. We took a break from funeraling and went to El Papalote for lunch. It is a Mexican franchise and the food is great. We split potatoe skins supreme and two tacos de arrechera.
Got home around 5 p.m., traffic was a mess here in town. The soccer game was on at 5 and there was a big accident involving a tractor trailer and a bus on the way out here to the house. Got home safe and sound, took a nap, and well you know the rest of the story.
Reynosa is growing by leaps and bounds and is slowly shedding its reputation as a border town in all senses of the word. New gated-neighborhoods going up, shopping centers, restaurants and movie theaters. Transito keeps at bay and they don't seem to hassle many people. They say most of the investment in Reynosa is coming from Monterrey.
It appears to have rained a bit last night. We are waiting for the big one coming off the coasts bringing us our first heavy rains from hurricane season. Rocmoc has posted about Jimena and it does look like it may come all the way up to Arizona and into our area. I don't wish bad things on people but we really need the rain, Northern Mexico is dry as a bone.

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