Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hurricane Jimena

The thing is that the hurricane has done little destruction and local and government officials up and down the Baja peninsula took the necessary precautions to protect life and limb not to mention tourists who flock to Los Cabos.
On the other hand, if you are asking me what is wrong with Mexico, read the quote below:

"Instead of giving out a few sheets of roofing every year, they should give us materials to build real houses — wood, or even bricks," said Paulino Hernandez, an out-of-work mason who sought haven at the school. "Every year it's the same thing: They (officials) give out a few sheets of roofing, and the next year it has to be replaced" when a hurricane comes.

This is the result of what the PRI did over a period of seventy years. They convinced people that the government would take care of them although they never really did. Get an education, get a job, create a business, do what you have to do to live. In a discussion yesterday with local businessmen we came to the conclusion that life in Mexico is just to easy.
Speaking of parties and presidents, Calderon will be giving his third presidential address on September 2nd. Some interesting statistics related to the war on crime in Mexico. Since his inauguration his administration is responsible for the following related to the drug trade:
  • the seizure of 22,000 vehicles
  • 50,000 high power weapons
  • 80,000 arrests
  • enough illegal drugs to provide 80 doses to all Mexican youth from the ages of 15 and 30

Now if we can just get the population to participate in the program we may make some headway.

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