Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Trek To Kansas City September 2009

We left Monterrey yesterday at 3 p.m. Just as I picked up Juan the heaviest downpour in years took us by surprise. It took us an hour to get out of town and as we followed the highway along the river Santa Catarina, you could see the waters rising. Brought back memories of Hurricane Gilberto back in 1988. Chilling.

We had pretty good weather the rest of the way to the border. Got to Reynosa and got in line at the bridge. Took about 15 minutes. Juan needed a permit. That was fast and they didn't check our bags or the car.

So here we are in McAllen. We had a cocktail last night and went to bed early. Too many cable channels! We got up early this morning had coffee and off we go to the airport. It really hasn't hit me yet that we are saying goodbye to my niece. A real tragedy and I can't wait to see my brother. All my brothers, sisters, in-laws and nieces and nephews will be there. I guess as you get older this becomes a part of your life.

I will be updating with pictures our trip today. We fly to Dallas at 11:20 and then on to Kansas City. We have a rental car waiting and we will stay on the Country Club Plaza.

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