Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back In Chihuahua September 2009

I'm back in Chihuahua until Saturday. I came to give a certification course. I haven't been posting much but all I have to report is daily activities and to me it can get quite boring. We may head out on Saturday for Bustamante, N.L. to visit a friend is not doing well suffering from cervical cancer.

Here is my room where I am staying, nice but I have some minor complaints.

The view from my window of the mountains which are calling me to travel again to the Copper Canyon. Beautiful mountains, pine forests and excellent highways.

I never got around to posting pictures from my surprise birthday party. It was also the day of the big game between Rayados y Tigres.

I love my Mexican family and all the joy they have given me over the years. We drank, we played, we swam, we ate, and ended the evening at 2 a.m. all of the people in the picture and more, on the living room floor, in the trailer and tents in the backyard. The next day we hung out, fixed breakfast, talked, read the paper and had a really good time.


  1. I love Creel & the Copper Canyon. Let people know when you are going and maybe some of us can meet you.

    By the way, I thought you were retiring?

  2. Happy belated birthday Chris! It looks like a great party.