Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015 Mazatlan Sinaloa

We had a great Christmas Eve with a wonderful group of people.   We met Marketa and Lieber from Kelowna who had contacted me via email over the last month along with other couples from the park; Debbie and Russ, Fernanda, Marjorie and Bob, Doris, Jose,  Mike, and Rae along with Contessa and Colin.  We talked up a storm and missed having Ruth, Kevin, Norma and Croft here not to mention others.   Sue and Jerry are in Mazatlan but we will see them later.

This morning, Debbie and Russ had a Christmas breakfast.   The food was fantastic; an egg casserole, fried potatoes and onions, fresh blueberries on top of the best pancakes I have ever had along with all our rv neighbors.  A good time had by all.

Later on I hung out in the rv and at the beach reading a birding book.   Locals swarmed the beach having fun riding the banana boat, renting cuatrimotos and lanchas.   It was fun just to sit there and soak up the sun dozing off and on during the afternoon.  

Juan put together a wonder green bean casserole for our Christmas dinner that Contessa and Colin threw at their place.   It was really a treat.   Contessa prepared a wonderful enchilada dish that was to die for along with Rae's au gratin potatoes.   Very good dinner and camaraderie and we were joined later by Fernanda, Debbie and Russ.

Colin and Juan set off a lantern and we watched at it sailed through the sky out to sea.   Truly something we all enjoyed.   We continued with conversation and finally ended the evening albeit a bit early.  


  1. Nice...glad you all had a great Christmas, we missed you too!

  2. Sounds like fun, we would have enjoyed it!

  3. Green as a Douglas fir with envy! Have a Happy New Year.