Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mazatlan - Christmas Here We Come!

We took off yesterday and made good time to just north of Saltillo.  We have our route planned and know our stops.  We got to our favorite gas stop and guess what?  Out of fuel.  They promised the truck would be there in an hour and a half so we ate an early lunch and took a nap.   Only to find out later that the owner of the station was battling Pemex over invoicing.  When you fight the big one you usually lose.  We headed back toward Saltillo (which is against my rules, I never turn around no matter what we may have left behind)  and got gas.   Headed out again passing the same station and still no fuel.  Some folks were stranded.   

We made good time though and spent the night at Leon Guzman.  They now have a new Circle K and it is a very nice store with very helpful and friendly staff.  We turned in our garrafon and got another five gallons of water.   Great spaghetti dinner and a glass of wine and we kicked back and watched some videos.  Early to bed to make our 7 a.m. departure.

Up early and off we went on the libre.  Passed three horrible accidents, one with at least three fatalities.   We didn't stop other than to fill up and pick up a burrito to go.   Mine was pure bean with salsa and it was fantastic.   Heading toward El Espinazo del Diablo we were again in awe with the scenery.   So much to see and do and we are so happy to live on a part of the continent that has so much to offer in terms of geography.   The scenery is just amazing.   I will post pictures this week.

Much more time consuming and a bit stressful for the driver heading east to west on the Espinazo but well worth it.   I thought we would be late but I forgot about the time change.   We arrived to the park without a hitch and to let everyone know, the road to the Isla is well underway and over 50% is paved and the work in progress as we passed.  That was good news for us.

Arriving to the park it was great to see so many people.   Bob met us with a beer in hand for weary travelers and it was lots of hugs and howdy dos to new people we had not met yet.   I think we will have a great 10 days here. 

Next time, we will take three days to come and go if not more.   We could spend weeks in the mountains of Durango even with the cold.   


  1. "Garrafon". Learned a new word today, thanks! Nuestra garrafon es vaseo!

    Yes, we also love the mountaisn of Durango. Lots of out of the way places to camp! Have fun in Mazatlan!

  2. Happy to have you here and even happier to hear that you are already planning to return next year :) Let the fun begin!

  3. Wishing you and Juan a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. Thank you for sharing all you do.