Saturday, December 5, 2015

It's Cold and I'm Through

Driving home from McAllen on Thursday morning I took some great shots of Nuevo Leon.

A cold front moved in earlier this week and it just seems to hang around.  On Wednesday there was ice on my rental car in Palestine, Tx which is about four hours from Dallas with city traffic.  It dropped down to 5C the other night here at home, heat is on and the electric blanket is doing its job.  Little Bit doesn't seem to want to go outside unless he really really needs to.  I have to tell him to go outside to do his business.

The trip to Dallas was a marathoner.   I left home on Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. and flew out of McAllen at 12:30.   I picked up a rental car from a company that's called EZ Rental.  The office in Kenosha made the reservation.  Never again.  The car was fine but it's one of those super discount rentals that nickle and dimes you to death.   Outrageous pricing.   I'm sure I'll hear about charging for a GPS.   

Nice hotel, nice teaching staff.  I didn't like the fact that the students call the principal by his first name.  You could see the over-relaxed conduct of the students.   When you have 2000 people in a building you have to have some sense of order.  14 year olds don't have that yet as a general rule.   D.O.C., discipline, order and control.   Most adults don't have that.   Anyway, 175 students and it was all good.   I receive evaluations from the students.   Most have never been taught what an evaluation is or how to evaluate someone.   I always receive two or three smart ass remarks.   Their funny sometimes and some can be downright nasty.   I am saving them.  Like I said, at that age they aren't quite smart enough.   I find them on Facebook and someday when I no longer work for the company and the kids are 18 or over, I'll send them a message.  One kid has been told how "awesome" he is one too many times and it has gone to his head.  

Our GPS is finished.   I had attempted to add Mexico maps and an update to ours.   It was on sale and so I did it.  It never worked.  The GPS is so old that there is no memory card and there wasn't enough space for the update.   It had to erase the old maps first so after I found out about the space problem I called TomTom and they attempted to fix it only to refund my money and said I should just throw it away as they couldn't retrieve the old maps.   No big deal, I only use it once in awhile anyway.

This is the door I bought before I went to San Miguel de Allende during the summer.  It took all this time to get it hung.  First I had to sand it, stain it and varnish it and then it cured for another three months before we found someone to come and install it.  Easy job but I don't have the tools.

Other than that we are ready for take off on around December 20th.   Now I am free from all my work to spend the afternoons working on the rv.   I want to get new shocks on the front end of the SUV.  The VW needs some clutch work too.  I am taking it to the dealer for an inspection and with that I will have the repairs done at local shops.


  1. Sounds like your puttering days are starting. Those can be fun. A nice way to spend December.

  2. Sounds like your puttering days are starting. Those can be fun. A nice way to spend December.

  3. Don't forget that there is a Canadian RV repair guy here should you need something Mexican prices.

  4. Whichever way you head, it will be warmer! Have fun.

  5. Chris were you lamenting the loss of tel cel sticks Banda Ancha? If so they had a few at TelCel in Hermosillo so Maybe some in other cities and if not I misunderstood what you were after.