Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Furthest I Think I Will Ever Get

I haven't been blogging much.  With all the work I've had and more than that the travel part, I just haven't had the energy.  I decided to do it now.   I just got home from Puebla.   I left yesterday at 4:30 p.m. and arrived to the house tonight at 7 p.m.  A quick trip for sure.   I'm still on my Digital Citizenship tour and today I spoke to a group of mostly secondary and high school teachers from Puebla and the surrounding area.  There were 200 teachers, coordinators and school directors and owners.   It was a blast.   I love this part of my job.

Travel is so easy these days.   I took the toll highway to the airport yesterday and it took all of 35 minutes from the house.   Boarded the plane 45 minutes later.  AeroMexico makes it easy.   Boarding pass on your smartphone, no bags to check.  You enter the airport, do the automated checkin and head directly to the gate.   We live in a country that is safe from outside terrorists so we don't have any of the long lines and travel warning B.S. of other places.  Who wants to attack Mexico anyway?

I arrived in Mexico City at 6:15 and came off the ramp, turned the corner, bought a bus ticket and and 6:40 I was on my way to Puebla with a sandwich, cold drink, wifi and a great movie.   Took about 20 minutes to get out of the city being a Friday and for many a payday weekend.   I had a great seat and sat back and relaxed.   Arrived to my hotel by 9:20 and room service brought me a double.  Can't beat that.

Going to the title of the blog today, I've said many times I like being on a plane.  No one can bother you, call you or make your life miserable.   I have time to think about things, plan my life and watch the scenery.   60 isn't far off and for more than 50 years I have dreamed about space travel.  I think this is about as far away from the planet as I will ever get.    What a shame.  I love science fiction and really thought by now we would be traveling all over the universe.  That is why education is so important.  Doesn't matter if you want to be a plumber, electrician, a roofer or whatever.  Education makes a person well-rounded, includes arts, science, history and philosophy.   Innovation to change the current way in which we do things.  We still deliver water to houses through tiny little pipes the way they did thousands of years ago.  Electrical power lines have been around since the late 1880s and the space shuttle needs 200,000 gallons of fuel just to go 40 miles.  Talk about bad gas mileage.

Our trip to San Miguel de Allende has come to fruition.  The deposit has been made and the agreement signed.   The rest are all minor details and we'll work them out over the next few weeks.  The driving day may be a bit long but we've done it before and did it also with my SIL and brother from Idaho.  

I need to tell you about the Temazcal and spa day we had too.  It was fantastic and it lasted almost four hours including a complete body massage, teas and elixirs, chakra and energy balance.  It was a true spa day and one that was truly deserved and I enjoyed thoroughly.


  1. Nice! Enjoy your stay in San Miguel, we sure have, suitcases are packed and we head out tomorrow. Back to the cold and wet of Vancouver, BC.

  2. We love flying too. Don't mind the lineups or anything. Just love it.

  3. In the last 20 or so years of my work life I flew in everything from commercial jetliners to private jets to seaplanes to helicopters as little as once or twice a week to daily. Norma was the same. Neither of us looked forward to any travel that included restaurants, hotels or aircraft as we had both had more than enough of it.

    And yes, SMA! Can't wait!

  4. Sounds good to me.... wish you'd head down our way. Just to say though... friends of ours flew down to Cabo San Lucas last week... we considered flying over (from Puerto Vallarta) to see them. BUT... it would take a flight to Mexico City, then on to Cabo... too many hours, too many flights.... so we shelved that idea. I do like the bus systems here... even the rickety second hand buses from Guadalajara that Compostella acquires. All that aside... yes... education is so important ..... sure glad you like that part of your job!!!

    1. Check out Wandering Mike's blog. He decided to come to Mexico this year and travel by bus with his folding bicycle. Truly amazing what a relaxing and fun time he is having. He even crossed on the ferry from Mazatlan to Baja for a few months.

  5. Yeah for the spa day. With all that travel and lecturing you certainly deserved it. Maybe you should do it again. Sooner that later that is.