Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Long Rest - Trip Preparation

Arriving to Allende

I made it home Friday morning as I had said in my last post.   I had some car issues once I crossed the border.   The clutch pedal disappeared and was jammed up underneath the dash.  I speed shifted all the way home.   Not to hard to do after passing city streets in Reynosa.  There isn't a red light between there and Allende.

Thursday night had me driving 2.5 hours in the dark on Texas roads.   Back roads are great during the day and at night they become a bit creepy not to mention the numerous deer that tried to cross in front of me.   Talking about deer in the headlights, I was just as shook up as they were.

Worked a bit at school after I arrived and then came home and crashed.  Literally.   I fell into bed and slept for an hour but couldn't get back to sleep.   The weekend came and I slept off and on during the day yesterday between working on mods for the rv.   Little things but they needed to be done.  

We had a wonderful dinner out in Santiago last night.   Simple Italian restaurant run by two friends who have moved out here from Monterrey.  The food was delicious, the atmosphere fun and exciting but not with noise.   The prices are excellent and I can say that I haven't had such a good meal out in a restaurant in a long long time.   We are going to take Norma and Croft there.  We had a fantastic pasta dish with shrimp, a small pizza appetizer, and a three-cheese panini.   

Last night had me in bed after dinner watching the first half of Saturday Night Live.   This new singer Adele is something else.   I'm not a fan of hers but one of her songs has gotten her over 1.3 billion hits on YouTube.  I've never seen that many hits before.

The contract has been signed for our house rental in San Miguel de Allende and Norma and Croft will be heading down a couple of days before and off we go.  We are really looking forward to the trip.   A friend of ours from Mexico City will hopefully accept the house sitting job so that the cat isn't left alone.   We haven't found Enrique yet but the search is on.  Who is Enrique anyway?

This week I'm home for three days and on Wednesday night I take off for Mexico City.  A meeting on Thursday and then Friday and Saturday I am speaking at a British event.  Good thing I'm bilingual in English.   Lots of travel but a good way to rack up a lot of  toboggan mileage.  


  1. We are looking forward to March! I love Italian food so your choice of restaurants is perfect!

    1. Its great Croft! The Plan is we will see you in SMA.