Monday, February 1, 2016

Back To Texas and a Three Day Weekend

Today is Constitution Day and a Mexican holiday so it was a great three-day weekend.  Friday I flew to Mexico City only after having been on the road in Texas for a week.   I was in Laredo for three days, San Antonio last weekend, back to Laredo for a couple of days and then home on Thursday.   I spoke at a small convention, 500 teachers.  I gave the opening and closing plenaries and a workshop in between.  It was a great time and I always love visiting Mexico City.   I arrived Saturday night in time for happy hour.  Sunday I had a meeting with the board of trustees from a school.  It was an informal breakfast delivering what I thought will be a good five year plan for the school.  Why am I telling you all this?  Because I'm not in the rv like all of you.

This is half of the ballroom where I worked.  There was a screen on both sides for my presentation.  It looks a bit messy because we were doing activities.  I also raffled off some books and an iPad.  Teachers were happy.

It's been a rough few weeks and there are more to come through the beginning of March.   I have to say though, my work is not full time, I'm not in an office, and I take what I want and don't want.  I get to fly places, stay in fancy hotels and have rental cars.  It's good but like everything else I don't want it to last too long.   We're almost there.

Semana Santa is coming up and I turned down a few opportunities but we'll need a break.  I'm trying to find something exotic but inexpensive (I know, good luck) like maybe going to Paris or Madrid.  South America is always a good get away too.   I keep searching.   Fuel in the U.S. is so cheap that going there is also attractive like maybe visiting Norma and Croft in Arizona.   We'll see.  I just don't like seeing the rv sitting in the driveway.

I've thrown in a few pictures of what is going on around home too.   We lost a good part of our grass in the front yard over the last two years.   We had such a shady canopy from all the trees that the grass just gave up.   We hired a company to come and cut down the trees to almost nubs.   It will all come back once we replant.  The person who did the work says we should plant monkey grass but I have always thought monkey grass for trim and decoration.  I need to check.

Speaking of my post and my conference on Digital Citizenship you wouldn't believe what happened on the flight home that shows we all need to get involved in DC.  As they were serving free drinks, the guy next to me had the huevos to take out his cellphone and put on music.  Not using earphones but for everyone to hear.   After three passes by the flight attendants, they finally asked him to turn it off.  But wait, here is the best part.   As we came down just below 10,000 feet and announcements were made, the guy behind received a call on his cellphone.  Everyone went ape s@# crazy.  He just kept on talking.   The guy in the picture just refused to take his seat during pre-flight instruction.

The day I pulled out of the driveway over a week ago.  Fufi looked so lonely.  

So that's what I'm up to.   All is well and we are both healthy, wealthy (in friends and life) and a bit wise.  


  1. I arrived Saturday night in time for happy hour.

    Good timing!

  2. I read ... every time... but I must be running low on words these days. Think of you two often.

  3. I love how you offer up a slice of your (wonderful) life and share it in such a way it takes me there - where ever you are at the moment. Lovely!

  4. Nice to hear that there is a lovely vacation coming soon, you certainly deserve it.

    Fufi! I had no idea that your RV had a name. Cute choice.