Monday, January 25, 2016

Healthcare - It's Just Nut's

I was in San Antonio over the weekend.  Our tenant had a major water leak and the estimates were coming it at $800 to $1200.  Crazy!   I then asked the tenant to go to Craigslist and look for a plumber.  By the time I had arrived, the price was down to $350 and the job was done with a receipt and guarantee.  

My neighbor had a blood clot problem two months ago.  Severe leg pains and had gone to the emergency room.  Sent home with varicose vein problems.  The pain persisted until he returned to the hospital via ambulance the next morning.   Now it was three blood clots; one in the leg and two in the groin.   After a catheterization to remove them, the bill came to $84,000.   I asked how the bill was going to be paid and the answer was, Medicare.  Yes, but who pays for Medicare?   Before that it was cataracts at $5000 per eye.  What?  In Mexico, private treatment is 5000 pesos or $300 U.S.  It's nuts.

Nothing is free.  Everything has a cost.  I'm back in Laredo and all I see are new $200,000 homes and all the parking lots are filled with new cars.    Please don't tell me that all of these people paid cash for their cars.   The economy cannot continue in this way borrowing, borrowing and borrowing.  $20 trillion U.S. in debt.  Criminal.  How much more are they going to allow the U.S. to borrow?

Speaking of healthcare, I went for a dental appointment with my IMSS social medical care.  Free cleaning with high tech equipment and  a filling to boot.  Yep, I pay with my taxes as nothing is free but not to the tune of . . . 

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