Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year´s Eve - Mazatlan 2015

The weather has been a bit upside down the last couple of days.  Cloudy, windy and cool at times.  Today was no exception but after a night of ringing in the new year, it was good weather to hang out and nap off and on. 

We went to the Plaza Machado last night for dinner with Contessa and Colin.   After we attended the midnight celebrations in the square.  Live music, dancing and celebrating.  It was a good time had by all.

The plaza was crowded but not as much as last year for some reason.   Hotels are booked and there was a cruise ship in town as well.  BTW, cruise ships are coming like crazy.  This year saw 82 and there are 96 booked for 2016 already so that is a good sign of the economy here in Mazatlan and Mexico as well.

Dinner at Delirium was very good.   We had pasta dishes and wine, chatted and watched the activity around us.   A bit of slow service but with a set dinner and us ordering off the menu that may have slowed down the works.

Coming home took us about 15 minutes to find a pulmonia.   After walking a few blocks we got lucky and headed back to the embarcadero taking the boat over to the island.   Got back to the rv about 1:45, had a cocktail and watched a video before hitting the hay.   I woke up before seven this morning, made a big breakfast which will be my last one for awhile and later took a short nap.   After, I hooked up the rv, emptied the tanks and got the outside work done for our departure tomorrow morning early.

We rounded up everyone for one last happy hour, at least for us.   After we decided to head to Miguel's to have a sincronizada with shrimp.   Yum, that was good.   Off to bed now.

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