Monday, January 18, 2016

This Year Is Off With A Bang

I haven't blogged for awhile.  I've been reading quite a bit about the demise of blogs and that they are in decline.   What's to follow?  A Facebook page?  YouTube video page?  A vlog?  Not quite sure but things are changing.

We had visitors this last week.  Marina and David spent a couple of nights  and then headed out for Puerto Escondido.  We always have fun and great conversations when they are around.  We enjoy everyone who stops by for a visit. 

Marina prepared a wonderful pasta dish for dinner one night at home.   

Over the weekend we went to a party in Bustamante.   Bustamante is located on Hwy 1 which runs from the Colombia Bridge to Monterrey.   It took us about two hours to get there.  This is an annual affair that our friends Lorena and Felipe throw.   They own  hotel so we spend the night, enjoy the dinner and party and in the morning have breakfast and head home.

Here is a picture of just the guys with Lorena.  There are always party favors and games.

The scenery on the highway is incredible following mountains all of the way.  This is on the other side of the mountain range where Hwy 85 follows.   Not sure why more people don't take this highway from the Colombia Bridge.  It takes you to Hwy 40 heading to Saltillo before you get to Monterrey.   If anyone is interested, let me know and I can offer more information.  You pass many small and quaint towns along the route including state parks and the caves in Bustamante.

This week I start my trips in Texas and Mexico.  Thursday I head to McAllen and the great town of Ben Bolt, Tx, Friday to Laredo, Saturday to San Antonio for two days of rest and then back to Laredo Monday afternoon for two days in Laredo and then return the rental car to McAllen and home on Thurday.   Then on Friday the 29th I fly to Mexico City for the weekend starting my Mexico tour.  First group of 500 teachers wanting to know about Digital Citizenship.


  1. I would be sorry to see blogging go away. I, for one, love it and the connection to people out doing enjoyable things. Like you for example. We would never have "known" you were it not for your blog. Even though we have never met you or Juan, we feel as if we know you both. The very reason we came to Mexico the first time was because of Kevin & Ruth's blog. They are a great source of diarizing what we do.....super enjoyable, well, for the most part!! I always enjoy the way you effortlessly go from enjoyable aspects of your life to work and back again......long live bloggers!!!

  2. I enjoy both blogging and reading blogs, most bloggers are boomers and boomers rule! So there.
    Can you tell us more about digital citizenship?


  3. You are certainly starting off with a bang and it seems like a marathon. I agree with Nancy and Peter, blogging is not going away.

  4. Always happy to read your blog. Helps us keep a toe in Mexico---wish the rest of us were there! You have set the hook, what is digital citizenship?

  5. We also agree, we don't think blogging is disappearing. We are having the best numbers that we have ever had. I still like reading other blogs as well, it helps to give us insight on other places to travel and the information that goes along with it as well as seeing what all our friends are up too.

    We also agree, people need to get off the toll roads and see more of the beautiful scenery that Mexico is so well known for.

    Glad you had a good time with David and Marina!

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  7. Well, it does seem like you're having a great year so far! But, as for your first paragraph, I love reading blogs! It allows me to enjoy a lot of places without having to go there myself!