Friday, January 8, 2016

More Canadians Heading This Way

I took the whole week off and got quite a few things done around the quinta.   One of the biggies was negotiating the purchase and install of a pool filter.   The old filter needed a change of sand as well as a new valve.  The valve sits on top and you use it as a dial to select the function of the filter.   Our "trusted" gardener who cleans the pool abused the valve.  It has a pin to hold the handle in place.  The pin began to slip out and he would bang it in with whatever he could find;  a rock, a stick, a hammer, etc.  ( I feel like breaking out in song with "If I had a hammer").  Anway, it was finally beaten to death.   The cost of the sand was over half the price of a new filter, a new valve and sand was more than the replacement so we settled on something in between.   A new filter, new sand, installation and no more beating the poor handle.  The pool is squeaky clean now.

I did quite a bit of painting.   We have a great place that does a perfect paint match.  Our wood kitchen cabinets had a few knicks and worn spots so we got a liter of paint.  I only needed 1/4 of an ounce but I got the job done.  They look brand spankin' new.  

Marina and David from Perth, Ontario will be here on Sunday.  I just got a FB from David saying they are in Texas and will cross the border on Sunday.   Can't wait.  They are good guest but hey, who hasn't stopped by that isn't a good guest.   Any rver is a friend of ours.   

Back to work on Monday.  Not so bad as I only work until noon everyday and I will be out of town a week or two for the next couple of months either here in Mexico or in Texas.  

Looks like 2016 will be a good year, but I haven't had a bad one since 1957.

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