Thursday, January 21, 2016

Digital Citizenship and Blogging

First to the digital citizenship.  It's how to be a responsible user of technology.  Too many kids today have not been taught how to use the internet, cell phones, chat, and social media such as Facebook.  Believe it or not, for most students, homework consists of copy/paste.   Nothing is being learned.  

Students have little to no contact with libraries.  In Texas, high schools have large libraries.  The type of library a reader dreams of.   They sit idle or are used to check their email on line while at school.  The www needs to be treated as a library where people know how to search for information, choose responsibly that information which we believe to be true and not misleading.  

Digital citizenship also teaches us how to respect others, they personal safety as well as their opinions, comments and information they post for example Vlogs or videos on YouTube and FB. 

There are nine basic elements to digital citizenship.   Bottom line, students and teachers have access to a wonderful tool but it's not being used to the best of its ability.   80% of male secondary students use the internet for pornography and chat.

There is plenty to read on the internet and there is a website dedicated to the subject:

I'm not trying to kill my blog or blogging, but there are some statistics that show a trend towards a slow decline in blogs.   For me personally, in terms of travel, if you don't know what you're looking for on a blog you won't find it.   I think a webpage is better where you have country, state and local information.  Otherwise, like on my blog, you have to sift through a lot of chat related to non-travel, etc.   If and when we become frequent travelers I think we will switch to a webpage.

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  1. Hi Chris & Juan: re "If and when we become frequent travelers I think we will switch to a webpage.". Not sure I understand what you mean between blog/web page. We have a web page for the Vaca Rental. It is more static. We will soon start a blog for family and friends for the upcoming trip down your way. I get a lot of info from your blogs and those of, inter alia, Croft and Norma (when they were doing MX) and, lately, Kevin and Ruth. I like the RV.Net forum (a web page in my mind) when I'm interested in answers to a general question from folks in different areas.

    See you soon, I hope. Will provide a sked soon.