Sunday, January 3, 2016

No See Ums travel!

¡¡¡¡ Forgot the most important part of today´s post and I had to come back and edit it.  The no see ums do travel.  We took off from the Isla in the morning and an hour or two later we were getting bites on our ankles.   Arghhh!!!!

We left Mazatlan yesterday (Saturday the 2nd) and headed for home.   It was the longest travel day yet.   We took off at 7:15 and didn't arrive to our destination until 6:45 p.m.   We drove the last hour in the dark but we were not alone.   We follow the trucks and they know the roads as well as letting us know when topes are to come.  

We traveled the notorious Espinazo del Diablo or Devil's Backbone.   The scenery is just amazing and we are almost sure we will make it a summer destination.   Also, our trip through the state of Coahuila offers so much for travelers to see not to mention boondocking sites.   I will cover some of this over the next week or two as well as the history of the Isla in Mazatlan and the building of the Devil's Backbone as well.  

We stopped in the city of La Cuidad to fill up with gas.  There is a station there where all the attendants are beautiful woman, made up, hair and all.   They also perform good service and after we ate in the kitchen of a small restaurant next door.   They have a wood burning stove that they cooked our breakfast on.   There is a paved road next to the place that takes you to a place called Mexiquillo that has camping surrounded by waterfalls.

As you can tell by the photos, the mountains are incredible.  You can only imagine what the side roads will bring us this summer as we pass this way again.  The roads were all libres although we did jump onto the autopista for about 10 kms where the two merge.   Guess who won?   It was the libre.  We continued on the libres all the way home with unbelievable views, wonderful stops and people along the way.

We finished the day driving in the dark as well as a light rain.   We pulled into our spot at the strip mall next to the caseta for Lerdo or Leon Guzman.   The temperature was dropping and by the time we parked it was down to 6C.   First order of business was to get out the Mr. Heater and fire it up.   Works great everytime other than the fact that it takes a bit for the gas to reach the heater for lighting.   We fixed drinks, made a delicious dinner and sat back for a video before hitting the sack.   A wonderfully deep sleep with an early 5:30 wake up call.   Water heater on, news on the radio, and a pot of hot coffee.

Showered and ready to roll, we gassed up and headed for the libre.   The day started out with rain and heavy fog but soon turned to cloudy and dry and ended up sunny and blue-skied.   We continued on leaving Durango and entering Coahuila.   From mountain pines to desert sands you could see the landcapes slowly change.   Fascinating is the only word I can use to describe the trip.  We took down names of places we want to visit in the future so that we can look them up or now I should be saying Google them.   With names like dunes, fuente (fountain), meson, casada, etc.   Too much to see and do and they say planet Earth is one of the smallest ever.  Wow, could of fooled me!


  1. We love that drive so much and you are right there are so many boondocking opportunities. Glad you had a good drive home, now you can sit back and relax and start planning for the next trip.

  2. It's funny, most folks were so excited that the cuota road was opening up through that mountain range and all I could think was that it would make the free road even better!

  3. Glad you are home but why so long on the first day out of here?

    1. We took the Devil's Backbone and unlike last year we drove all the way to Leon Guzman. Last year we stopped at a state park in Durango.

    2. I house sat on Long Island, The Bahamas last year from June to November & learned all about "No-See-Um's" I was am invited back by the owner & am here now until October 2017. This year I came Moe prepared bring Lawyer's Permethrin spray & repellant lotion. You can spray your floor mats, clothing, top sheet, etc & no bites!! 😎 I purchased it on Amazon! I also brought Castor oil & put in Tea Tree & Eucalyptus Oil for a mix used by locals, you can also use baby oil, but Castor oil is better for your skin! I spray the deck where I sit, chair pads & screens in the bedroom also! Been here since May 14, 2017 & no bite on even no wind days & I am in a house on the beach surrounded by vegetation where they live! Hope this helps others who travel to any area with "No-See-Um's" i always spray the floor mats of my once a month rental car to go food shopping. The male & female eat nectar & only the female bites to use our blood to produce 100 eggs that can be laid in your car for a continuing cycle!

    3. That's "SAWYER PERMETHRIN SPRAY" I also spray my hat, work shirt, shoes & work pants. Check Amazon for Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent!

  4. The no see ums were pissed at being taken away from the beach and took it out on your ankles! That looks like a beautiful route, I have always wanted to take it!

  5. I looked at images of Mexqiquillo and it looks great. That whole drive looks great.