Monday, May 8, 2017

Enjoying Three-Day Weekends

I headed out Saturday morning.   Friday was meant to be a lazy day and it was.  Lots of internet and odds and ends around the quinta.   I left around 9 p.m.  All was quiet in the neighborhood so getting the rv out was a breeze.   I took it to a small commercial center nearby while the technicians checked the security cameras.  We needed a new DVR and one camera replaced.   They had some difficulty getting the program to accept remote internet access.   It's more peace of mind than anything else.

Here I am sitting and waiting.  Good wait though.  I read the newspaper, worked on reading a book and listened to some music.  Just as I was ready to call home to find out what was happening here comes the straggler walking into the lot.   The camera guys nice enough to give Juan a ride so that meant I didn't need to loop around.

While I was waiting I also finished a long wanted modification.  The trailer has a 600 watt inverter it isn't tied into the converter.   In the entertainment center between the living room and the bedroom there is the antenna booster with a 12V outlet.  I have a small inverter, 150W, and use it to power the LED television and the two table lamps in each room.   I put in these great little cable openers (don't know the name of them), one in each room.  Now there are no messy cables.

Saturday night we finished the steaks we cooked on the Weber from Friday.  They were great served up with some fresh asparagus and a bottle of Merlot.

Later in the evening we had a campfire and a movie.   It was a great time and it looks like we will do the same this next weekend. 

It was also Mother's Day celebration.  All the mothers in the resort were invited for a lunch complete with live music and great service provided by a catering service.  They also walked away with raffle prizes as well as a rose.   All the men looked on with envy :)

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