Monday, May 1, 2017

Two Three-Day Weekends In A Row

That's right, two three-day weekends in a row.  We took the rv down to the resort again.  Parked and enjoyed the hot weather.  The nights were really cool though and great for sleeping.  Although we have electricity in the palapas I never bothered to connect.

The place was packed and we stayed down by the presita (lake).   It was quiet during the day as everyone was at the club and the pools.  I did my walking everyday, read a book and a half and watched a really good movie called Last Passenger.  Sat outside a lot and watched people come and go.  As evenings came people came down to the lake.  There are only five palapas so people sat up tents.   Noisy with lots of music but at 10 p.m. silence falls over the park and people sit around their campfires.  Truly amazing that people stick to the rules.

Back home now and tomorrow is a work day.  In the afternoon I head to Queretaro for two days as a judge in a poetry competition.   I'll come back home on Thursday night and Friday we'll head back out to the resort for a couple of nights.  I'm determined to get that rv out more often.

I'm looking for a house sitting job for the summer somewhere in central Mexico.   Has anyone joined Trusted House Sitters?  I think Les did but it seems expensive.  Maybe I'm being cheap.  My godson is coming for a week in July so we may rent a place in SMA.

Well, as I said, the pool is fixed and the leaks were in a wall and a pipe.  All if fine now.  That has been on my mind for so many years and we could never find it.  Solution, just start digging.  And we did.  Now we are adding a new palapa.  A real one not a Home Depot gazebo.  New deck covering and tile for the palapa and we're done.  Amazing how little money these things cost in Mexico.


  1. For house sitting, we have been using "" with good results. And it is about half the price. Enjoy the sunshine!

  2. We're at home now and had
    my lawn chair parked in a snowbank, but I was still enjoying the sun!!! Lol....Marilyn

  3. Yeah, you are getting out and enjoying your RV. Sounds like a lovely place to stay. One day we will join you there. By the way, you made a comment on my blog a few weeks ago that you were going to send me an email, I never got it.

  4. You were saying you would like a class B Motorhome, I have one and I enjoyed it when there was only me. Since I am not alone anymore we find it to small and the bathroom is tooooo small. I recommend you look at a class C about 22ft with a dining room slide. We find in our class B we leave the bed down and we only have a very small table between the seats not comfortable. If you make the bed up into a couch where do you put the bedding.
    Just wanted to give you a thought.
    Enjoy your travels Wendy

    1. Thanks Wendy for the comments, much appreciated. We are looking at Bs as a Mexico travel option. We find that the TT has many restrictions and even though the transito stops have been few and far between, I feel like I'm looking over my shoulder. With a B, you have no restrictions on city driving. In Mexico, for lack of rvs, a trailer is a trailer and is treated as such. The problem with Cs is the dually which also has route restrictions depending on city and state. I have been checking out "singles" which are single tires that can replace duallies. En fin, we need to try a B. We pretty much smaller guys and think with a twin bed setup it would work for us at least shorter trips. I don't want to give up the TT because as of today, there are no 24-25ft double slideout models being built and the one we have affords us a small apartment on wheels.