Sunday, April 23, 2017

Our Hardly Used Resort Stay

I've posted about this place before and each time we go, which isn't very often, it gets better and better.  After we had crossed the mountains and stopped for lunch at the city park in Linares we headed for Campestre Monte Sur.  It's truly a lovely place and has become a very nice city getaway.  The drive from Linares is less than an hour so we arrived for nap-thirty.   

The concept is very common in Mexico.  You join a club, pay for a lot and a membership.  It gives you rights to the whole club for a low monthly fee.  I think we pay around $30 a month.  We actually pay a yearly fee that is discounted.   There are three swimming pools, a three-story toboggan, lots of palapas with 20 amp electricity, grills for cooking, a club house with cable television, and new dressing rooms with showers and a sauna on the men's side.  

Parked up near the club house we stopped to check on some rules for construction on our lot.

One of the three swimming pools.  There are also tennis courts and a fire ring where they meet on weekends with live music, story telling and singing contests.   

The dressing rooms and showers for members and guests located at the club house and pools.

An aqueduct that takes water over the top and creates a fountain in the pool.

One side of the club house.  There are several big screen televisions.  People like to gather and watch soccer games.   No one is there except on holidays and Spring break.  Other times we watch other things such as news on the screens.

We went for a walk, took pictures and had a great happy hour.  We can pick up some digital television stations from Monterrey so we can watch the news.   I love news and love watching it.  Local, national and international.  

A neighbor's new cabin.  More and more people are building now.  There are a few abandoned constructions that look like they are worth buying and finishing and/or fixing up.

Considering it was still Spring break we had expected a real desmadre (disaster) with kids, noise and trash.  No one was there.  Quiet all night.  We sat out in the palapa we were parked in front of for happy hour.  The water in the pool was still too chilly for me.  The next day we headed home and I backed the trailer in on the first try.   It was a good trip but way too short.

Any of our readers are welcomed to stay here when you are coming or going from Mexico.

We've got the leak in the pool fixed.  Now we are redoing the deck this week.  A beautiful blue light (4W LED) lights the pool.   We spent the rest of the week doing things around the house including cleaning the trailer and the house.   School starts tomorrow and I just received a message that there is a teacher issue going on.  I love it.  

On the downside, we will probably go to San Antonio the next weekend.  The central A/C in the house is shot.  We tried to get it fixed and two different people, who we trust to give us a fix, said it's too far gone.  There goes another $3500.   I wish we could import three mini-splits.  In the U.S., mini-splits are three times the price of the same brand here in Mexico.  Supposedly they are banned from U.S. entry without importation taxes.  


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  2. Interesting.....How much are the lots if I may ask.

    1. Sparksdog44 the cost is 137,000 pesos for a 500 sq mts lot. There are some other charges and now you can own the lot outright and have city services. Paving continues on the roads depending on how many people actually build. 90% of the owners don't build but it is a requirement to purchase lots. The monthly maintenance fees are 490 pesos and they offer a discount for 12 month payment.