Friday, April 21, 2017

San Luis Potosi to Matehuala

We packed up on Sunday to head back home.   We went for a dip in the hot springs pool first before getting cleaned up.  The water felt so good.  When you´re boondocking the showers are very short.  I like showering in the trailer and not in public places, not because people pee in the shower but because I like my house that´s why we drag it around wherever we go!

Off we went saying goodbye to the nice people who cared for us at the San Diego balneario.  The road to Matehuala was great.  There was one section that was a bit rough but we enjoyed the morning.  As we pulled into the Oasis Hotel around 2:30 we couldn't find anyone there.  We set up in our usual spot.  Nap time rolled around and after we went for a walk into town.   We got lucky.  This was the last weekend of the Charamuscas festival.  

We stopped by the cathedral to take a peek.  This was built in the 1800s and remodeled in 1974.  The first cathedral built in 1850 was made with poor materials not to mention poor architectural design as well. It was demolished.  The new cathedral was designed by Adamo Boari who also designed and built Bellas Artes in Mexico City.  Truly amazing work and a wonderful feeling it gives you when you walk in.

As we walked around town we looked for the plaza where the Charamusco festival was held.  Found it by asking a few people on the street.   Amazing how much sugar must have been used to create all the candy in that one place.   Here's a pic to best describe a charamusca.

While we were gawking at all the stands a guy approached me.  He said, "are you Maestro Bauer from UDP?" Turns out he was at my conference at last year's national teachers convention.  He took us to his stand to introduce us to his mother and sisters.  You never know who's watching.  Back home for dinner and off to bed with a good movie.

Up early we hit the road with the idea that we would spend a day and night at our rustic resort.  Many rvers have stayed there over the years.  It was Semana Santa that Norma and Croft were with us.  They were heading home and we met there.   Rained all week.  We had fun though.   Sure hope they return to Mexico soon.

Recent rains have brought out the best of the desert.  We captured this picture of flor de palma, actually yucca, that is used in many Mexican dishes.  I love it with eggs or beans and chorizo. Delicious.

After crossing the mountains we stopped at the El Nogalar in Linares for lunch.  Great park and although the hours are from 7 to 7 the tourist office is there.  Upon request, they will let you stay overnight although you'll be locked in for the night.  Safe, clean and great for an evening walk around.  The Soriana is a few blocks away.

Made it to Montemorelos before a huge storm set in.  The rest tomorrow.

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