Thursday, April 13, 2017

San Luis Es Bonita

"San Luis es bonita".  That's how the song goes and it's pretty much on target.  Like all big cities it has its good, bad and ugly sides.   

We found our way to the rv park although we had to take a short trip via autopista but it appears it is the only route to get there with the rv.  We are checking again today.  We took the new libramiento which is free but from there we entered the quota to Zacatecas.    

We found the park although it is a bit obscure.  It is called Peter's El Faro Trailer Park.  We stopped and asked twice and no one knew about it until we said Don Peter.  Then it all came to light.  The "faro" or lighthouse does exist but it is inside the park.  You can't see it from the road.  Easy access though and all the highway and streets in the town are in excellent condition.  There is a presa or lake next to the rv park but it is dry.   No visitors this year for Spring break.\

We settled in and set up the rv.  The owner wasn't here at the time but his daughters were watching the place.   There are some permanent rvers here but I don't know yet if they are in storage, out of towners, or Mexicans who own rvs.

After a nice nap and check of the web, we headed into town.  Very easy to get to the "centro"of San Luis Potosi.   A direct shot but it is 25 kms and takes about half an hour.   Not for us.   Heading downtown we could see storm clouds brewing.   Paid parking is everywhere and reasonable.   We found one, parked and began touring the main square.  Lots of activities going on for the Semana Santa crowd.   Churches are full and the square teaming with activities.

With the threat of a storm we didn't stay but more than two hours before heading back and it rained like a slow divorce.   It took us an  extra 10 minutes tour get back home where we had a nice happy hour and a rice dish for dinner followed by a couple Golden Girls episodes.

This morning we will head back down to centro to visit some museums and take more pictures.  The plan after that is to come back early afternoon to check email (the wifi is pretty good here at our site) and then check out the town of Mexquitic and then off to bed.  We'll head out torrrow for parts unknown.   I'd like to stay longer and tour the  city more but the park is too far away for our liking.  We can't boondock because we have the cat with us and don't want to leave the rv parked alone near a big city.

San Luis is worth a visit though and I'll be posting more about it this week.


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  2. We stayed at Peter's a few years ago. Yes, hard to find and easy to drive right past the gate. We made the mistake of turning on the air conditioning and blew the power for the entire RV park! A few seemingly abandoned RV's there bet we were the only paying customers. Goat shit all over the grounds from the last "lawn mowing". Not our favorite place and to top it off, Peter wanted to be paid in US dollars which always pisses me off.

  3. So how much are you paying? And in what currency? A detailed post on the facebook page would be appreciated! :-)

  4. It is a drive into Centro. It won't take you long to visit Mexquitic. We liked it but it is tiny. Sad that the lake is dried up! Have you seen my caretaker friend Juan?