Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hotel Oasis Matehuala, SLP


Up and out early this morning.  We hit the road with the rv in tow around 8 a.m.   Surprisingly, there was little to no traffic in Santiago considering it is the beginning of Spring break.  The usual stop for gas and up the tires and off we went.   Gray skies all the way across the mountains.   

Most of you know the route we take and you´ve probably taken it going from Linares across to Hwy 57.   As always, clouds or not it was a relaxing drive.   I´ve learned to slow down since we aren´t in a hurry much anymore.   We stopped at a stand in Iturbide,  Nuevo Leon halfway across the mountains for a mid-morning snack.   The best gorditas we´ve had in a long time.   We each had two. 

Parked in front of was once a tequila producer in Linares.  We stopped in front of the city park, El Nogalar, located on the right turn off of Hwy 85 heading into the mountains.  The park is open to the public, has a swimming pool, palapas, a tourist office, and you can spend the night for free.  Don't forget that we have a place in Montemorelos with three pools, tennis and a club house.  Always open to rving friends with no obligation.   

Little Bit slept most of the way.   Like I´ve said, at 17 yrs old he has his good days and bad days.   Now that we´re parked at the hotel he has lots of energy to go out and explore.  Funny kid that one.  I guess he takes after me.   Coming down to San Roberto and Hwy 57 the sun came out in all its glory.  There were lots of Federales on the prowl stopping speeders and cars without plates.  I kept the speedometer at 80 kms all the way.

The hotel charges 150 pesos a day and includes electric and wifi.  We are on the owner´s terrace enjoying a full-blown signal.   Las Palmas is much nicer with the  pool and the secret garden next to the rv parking lot but I just can´t see paying  so much.  Last I heard it was above 400 pesos for the night.  Good restaurant and some good times had there though.

Kind of sad to see the three other hotels; Oasis, Pedregal and the Capri so run down.  They must have been something in their hayday.   I stayed at Capri during the summer and it was very shady with lots of trees but no wifi or electric.  I had to plug the coffee maker into an outlet next to one of the rooms.  All nice people though.   Too bad I´m not a millionaire, I would take one of these and turn it into a grand hotel and rv park.  They all have enormous pieces of land.  

We're here for the night and in the morning we will head to Peter's El Faro Rv Park.  I gave him a shout out the other day and he assured me there would be room.   We will spend a few days touring the state capitol of San Luis Potosi.   I have a return route that might take us off the beaten path if we have time.  


  1. I kept the speedometer at 80 kms all the way.

    Oh c'mon Chris, we know you better than that! ;-)

    We've never been to Ciudad San Luis Potosi. You should head a little further down the road to Lagos de Moreno and check out the new RV park there.

  2. Chris slowed down???? Really? :-)

  3. Haven't said HI to the both of you for a long time. Glad to see that you decided to rv again. We're still on road, now heading west and then north to OR. Will spend next winter at the SKP park in Benson AZ.