Saturday, May 27, 2017

Medical Care In Mexico

After you read this post, please answer the poll in the upper right hand corner.  How much do you think my blood work up cost for the items below in U.S. dollars?

Things just seem to coincide, don't they?   Yesterday I went for my blood work up.  This is the one I do in between my yearly physical and I do it on my own.  I had the following exams for a total of 36 different items:



Complete Liver Profile

Cholesterol Profile

Minerals and Metals

I use a well-known clinic, Laboratorios Dr. Moreira.  We have a lab here in Santiago and it just happens to be two blocks from the gym. They are located throughout northern Mexico and open at 7 a.m.  Top drawer facility (except for the fact that it is located next to our town's funeral home) with well-staffed nurses and lab technicians.   They only take walk ins so it is  on a first come first serve basis.   I arrived at 7:15 and was out 20 minutes later.   All the latest in administrative and medical technology.  The results are available by 3 p.m. on line or a printed format from the office after 4 p.m.  You also receive a card for record keeping and earn points for discounts.   The results are easy to read showing the score as well as the norm and ranges high to low.   Easy to read.

I mentioned coincidence only because I belong to a Facebook page for ex-pats.  It always surprises me that many foreigners have such little faith in medicine outside of Canada and the U.S.  Many doctors in neighboring countries study medicine in Mexico and I know many of the readers here can attest to the great work done by dentists.

You've read my post on my chest pain that I suffered and the great work and specialists I was able to see for literally next to nothing.   I've had some minor cosmetic work done as well and the prices are so reasonable that if I received my pay in dollars I'd be looking like Michael Jackson.  So on this FB page for ex-pats I read about people who fly home to see their doctors and pay outrageous amounts of money for medical care.   Again, the praises of Mexico come out of the woodwork but when it comes down to brass tacks then it's, "I gotta fly home, I'm not feeling well".   I do realize that most if not all of it is the language barrier.  However, most foreigners in Mexico don't speak the language but don't realize that a good portion of Mexican doctors speak English.

You need to do due diligence just like you would with any doctor when you move to a new location or snowbird for any length of time.  Obviously, you can't just run your finger down the pages in the phone book under doctors to find a good medico.   

The same goes with prescriptions.  No wonder so many Americans cut their prescriptions in half to save money or even go to a doctor to begin with.  Most of what ails human beings is lack of exercise and diet not to mention bad habits such as smoking and heavy drinking.  Gulp.  


  1. How much did it cost in pesos? By the way I voted and said between $300 - $499 but it's probably higher but when I clicked vote it either didn't register my vote or it put it at under $198 seeing that it says there is only one vote, so not sure if it is working properly.

    1. My mistake, I read the question in the survey wrong! I thought you were asking what it would cost in US dollars if the work had been DONE in the United States. I have changed my answer, now that I realize you were asking for the amount in US dollars for the blood work you had done in Mexico. I need to read things more closely, sometimes. ;-P

  2. Chris, I would think about $1530 pesos or about $92.00USD. Don't find the poll in upper right-hand corner.

    1. P.S. I eventually found the poll and participated! By the way, I need to have some minor cosmetic surgery, too. And I think we can both agree that elective cosmetic surgery in the US is out of sight. When you have some time, would you please provide me with the name and address of your surgeon. Send it to I'll feel better about myself if I'm brave and charge ahead to get it done.

  3. I fell while in San Miguel and split my head open. We went to a hostel where a doctor has his small office ans surgery. The dentist across the street called the doctor for us. He came about 10 minutes later, took great effort to clean my wound and then put in three stitches and a dressing/bandage.
    While there I mentioned I had a bad bronchial condition, he listened to my chest etc and then gave a prescription for four medications and to return in seven days to remove the stitches. We filled the prescription next door at a small shop, all this for 975 pesos. We arrived a week later, stitches removed, no addtional charge. We were very impressed. Some of our american friends were shocked we used a small local clinic, I really liked the care I was given by this doctor.

  4. Is the prize cosmetic surgery or vino? I'll take either.