Monday, January 1, 2018

I Asked The Question - This Was The Answer

I always have so many things I want to blog about but they seem petty or uninteresting or at least I think so.  Readers have told me in the past they like to read whatever I post.  

Today being the new year and all, I wanted to post but not the same old thing.  Fireworks pictures, a shiny gold ribbon and the script letters of Happy New Year.  

I made the mistake of asking what would be a good post for the new year and this was the response,   "Write about fake people".  Here goes. 

This last year was a year full of fake people in my life.  I'll be honest, I'm cynical and sarcastic but I think most of you would agree that overall I'm a pretty nice fellow and very  helpful when it comes to rving, Mexico travel and information about living here.  No bullshit from this guy.  I blog based on facts and not some two-week experience I might have had ten years ago in Baja California.

Mexico is a big country and there are many cultural differences within the country not to mention those that clash with the U.S. and Canada.  We've had lots of guests over the years both family, friends, and also unknown rvers who look for a place to stay and maybe glean some travel information or get a good feeling from us about what they're doing and if it's safe, smart, or on target.  Some people don't get it and do just the opposite or they complain about why things aren't the way they are in their country.   Many of those over the years guests and general inquiries were pretty fake though.  They would shake their heads in agreement around a campfire and then walk off and think I was a nut.  Let's face it, I tell it like it is and that's the best I can do.

We've helped many an rver stranded, lost, injured or accidented and some have been thankful although we don't expect it.  Others have moved on, and we've never heard from them again.  Some I may have offended but it was only because they didn't like the advice or help they received.   

One thing I have learned to be true over the years, and if we have ever done that then I plead guilty, is the fish rule.  "Guests are like fish, after three days they start to stink." That has only happened a handful of times but they knew who they were and well, we'll just leave it at that but they know who they are.  Then there are the users and abusers.   But hey, another old saying comes into play, "Sometimes being too nice is dangerous, you have to show your mean side once in awhile.

So, here is list of a few things that define fake people.

Sneaky people who go behind your back to find out information about you or what you've said.  The recent incident of a blogger comes to mind.  That's a good example of someone who is a plotter.

They'll be your friends with you, party with you and drink with you when you're together.  But when you need help with something they're nowhere to be found.

If someone suddenly and magically disappears or moves on when you need them most, that is fake.  Don't even bother getting in touch with them again.  Fake people love to ignore situations where they might have to get involved.

When someone claims to never get mad or upset about stuff then they're fake.  Why?  Because fake people have zero emotions.  Real people have passion, get upset, mad and get pissed off.  I do that because I'm a real guy.  However, most of the time it is passion or frustration not anger.

There you have it.  Of course, most of  you readers aren't any of the people I would refer to as fake and that is why we have maintained close and keep in touch.   We have a mutual passion for Mexico, rving, having fun, talking about politics, religion and sex and sharing a great bottle of scotch or fixing a big Mexican breakfast for everyone or hosting a party in their rv for 16 people.  

Happy New Year!


  1. Ha! Happy New Year! See you next Sunday, if only for a few minutes!

  2. Were there 16 people at that party? LOL

  3. Wish you happy new year to all. Love to be here.

  4. Sounds like a good party, was I there?!

  5. Thank you Chris for your posts over the years and the time we have spent together. I do enjoy your company (and Juan's too). I hope to see you guys sometime this year or next.

  6. A late Happy New Year! Agree with ALL of your post except never get mad or upset. I won't waste my time when I can sense a person does not care what I have to say. Does not do me or my health any good on another person who is not open to new or different ideas or information. Find this particularly true of people who are declared party members of a Political Party. NO one or party is always right / correct. Have a great year!

    rocmoc n AZ

  7. Happy New Year to you and Juan! May the coming year be the best yet for all of us! Hoping to see you in San Miguel again soon! Big abrazos to you both.

  8. Feliz Ano mi Amigos. Hmmmm don't recall discussing sex with you :)

  9. Happy new year Chris and Juan, we would love to meet you some day...

  10. We will be forever grateful for your patience when I was pestering you for info when we first started going to MX......I don't know if I ever really thanked you......Seems like yesterday but I think it was 2011 or maybe when we drove.....who knows??!!!! Anyway we're still here and loving it!!!! Take care, Stan & Marilyn

    1. It is never a bother to ask for information or help. I´ve given out my cell number to many people and it's there when they need it. Glad to hear you are still around and having fun. I always wanted to have a Mexico meet up. Hmm, maybe someday!