Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Real Deal And Other Thoughts


We're kind of moving along at our own speed here.  The weather hasn't improved, still cold, wet and gloomy. 

A couple of good things going on.  We paid our tags on the vehicles and the rv along with a juicy 15% discount for paying in January along with our property taxes.  I won't say what our property is valued at but our taxes this year with a early-pay discount come to $112.  OTOH, we have shitty roads in some places and things aren't maintained quite as well as other countries.  As I've always said, you get what you pay for.  Foreigners like cheap but at the same time don't b"#$% about it.

Speaking of the ¨real deal¨ I sometimes hear and read about products or services  people find in Mexico but ¨they just aren't the same as at home¨.  Of  course not my dears, this is Mexico and we have much different tastes.  Chinese take out is one of those.  It's loaded with meat and fried items because that's what we like and Chinese immigrants are smart enough to cater to the desires of the masses.   Have no expectations, I always say. 

As a good example, we went to the movies tonight.  People are pigs.  They leave there trash behind for someone else to pick up.  Trash cans everywhere on the exits and inside the theater salon.  Juan said, ¨they should put a notice on the screen during the previews or at the end¨.  It's just not our culture and people would actually complain and feel insulted if they did.  Try it sometime in Mexico if you see someone littering.  The response will be something like CTM an acronym for something not quite polite.

The SUV got a smart makeover.  The bumpers were repainted, some dents removed and a major deep surface cleansing and waxing.  She shines like new!  Ready for adventure.

It's a 2005 with over 350.000 kms.  It had a slight tick in a sticky valve which is endemic to this model.  We have been using an additive to the oil changes and surprisingly, it has made a huge difference.  I expect it to disappear in another oil change or two.


  1. Vehicles will last forever if they are looked after. When we were at the Corvette museum in Kentucky, their latest donation was a 1999 C5 Corvette with 773,000 MILES on it. But, most people do not look after their vehicles.

    1. You're right. Our Pathfinder made it to 560K and is still in use by the new owner. I have met many taxi drivers who have the square Nissan Tsuru, no longer produced, with over 800K kms. Maintenance is key.

  2. Great deal on the taxes! That is about three weeks worth for us.

  3. You are totally right about Mexican food and products....they are Mexican not the same as home. Factor in the amazing fresh produce, seafood,great weather, culture and a people who are for the most part kind,helpful and happy we have nothing to complain about. Okay maybe the garbage,roads and horrifying drivers are a downside but we are still lucky to be able to be here. Life is all checks and balances!