Monday, July 16, 2018

Visit To The Market - Evening Walkabout

Had a great sleep for the first night.  This is a very quiet neighborhood and the bedroom is very comfortable.  The rest of the house is so-so, but again, you get what you pay for.  It's well equipped but could you some basic maintenance.  Talking to the guy who rented us the place, he and his parents have several rentals.  Paint and some details would work well.   

Yesterday started early with the World Cup match between France and Croatia.  Good game and it was a great way to start a Sunday.   We headed out on the bus to the market.  The bus passes right in front of us where the Cruz Roja is located.  It takes you all the way to the market.  Parking is usually a problem but it seemed as if the market has lost some of its pizazz.  They used to have three covered areas and now there are only two.  One of those has a very nice permanent structure or roof that makes it very light and airy.  Once we meet up with our friend Barbara, she can fill us in on all the changes we are seeing.

Of course, the market is for buying produce and food.  So we had a slice of very good pizza and shared 30 pesos of borrego which easily turns into four very full tacos along with homemade yellow corn tortillas.  Very good salsas along with sliced cucumbers, onions, and pico de gallo.

Lots to see and do and I bought a Stilson, as it is known in Mexico but to gringos, it is a pipe wrench.  The old one I had finally fallen apart after more than 30 years and it was used, to begin with.  Tons of used clothing which comes from the U.S. in bails.  You probably know that these used clothes make the rounds and go all the way through Central and South America before becoming those famous rag rugs that they sell at the dollar store.


After a well-deserved nap it was off to the Parroquia to see all the tourists and their antics.  Mostly Mexicans, there were all kinds of activities going on.  A band played in the kiosk while people danced, children played with their balloons and taking pictures with mojigangas.  Walked there and back.  You just can't get lost anymore if you have a cell phone.  The GPS works great so we were able to take many back streets we haven't been on and still found our way home.