Friday, July 6, 2018

Wow, Two Weeks Without A Post!

After waiting three hours for the polling booth to open, volunteers that never showed up, someone decided to take things into his own hands and get them organized.  After screaming and shouting, four lines were formed, people quieted down and voted. This voting post finished in less than 20 minutes.  Small town as you remember.  

A lot has happened since I posted last.  I've been to a couple of places.  This week I flew to Villahermosa, Tabasco, home of the newly-elected Mexican president.  I won't go there other than basic information.  He has never held a job in his life in the private sector, lives in a mansion, his sons drive Lamborghinis and ski in the Swiss Alps.   He claims to be a president for the people and drives around in a basic economic white car. He's as full of it as any other politician.  Another six years of false promises.   He wants to sell the Los Pinos (Mexico's White House), sell the presidential plane, and give all the ninis money while they go to school.   Pure B.S.  He's a nationalist, believes he can revive Pemex, and thinks that we need to reduce and/or eliminate imports from other countries.  Wow, all of this sounds so familiar, like someone from a northern country.  

Not all of Mexico supported him contrary to the news.  36% of registered Mexicans didn't even bother to vote and that has its own message.  He claims he will eliminate poverty and corruption.  He can't do either much less in six years.  Corruption starts at home.  Every politician is corrupt according to him.  Fine, it might be so, but it is also true that every politician is a spouse, neighbor, cousin, brother/sister, coworker, or family member.  They're not from Venus but right here on this planet.  Poverty is an age-old problem not likely to go away in my lifetime and for many reasons.

A fire broke out at a local business.  15 minutes later a helicopter from Protección Civil starting dipping into a neighbor's swimming pool to put out the fire in a short time.  I had to be Nosey O'Donnell and check it out. 

The SUV had a pretty detailed inspection at the Dodge dealer.   They found several suspension issues which we are having done at our own mechanic.   The issue of the temperature gauge and the electronic shutdown on our last trip has yet to be resolved.   Still working on that. 

Some repairs to the house are going on.  Because of water damage a few years ago, the house suffered some minor structural damage.   It has since been repaired but left some cracks in the walls and the floor tiles around the perimeter of the house.  The floors are being fixed this week with like floor tile and the walls are next.   Looks like an expansion of the master bedroom is in order.  

I replaced the built-in microwave today.  That was a two-hour chore and the use of four hands.  A worker from a neighbor's quinta came to help and was happy to have the extra money.  I went to pay him and he said he only deserved half as I did the other half.  He had never installed a built-in microwave but has electrical experience.   I told him he could now tell people he has experience and then hire me as his assistant.  

Next Saturday we take off for San Miguel de Allende.  We will take a week's true vacation and rent a house taking the cat with us.   Although I am now on a semi-permanent vacation, I need to get completely away.  We want to visit friends, sleep in, do some hiking and visit the botanical garden, Peña de Bernal and maybe a day trip to Queretaro.   The pension process I mentioned in my last post is now taking place.  

Coming home, I start my 100% freelance life and am booking trips to all the countries where the publisher has a customer base.  I've received authorization from CDMX to directly contact all of the offices looking for work.  The hope is to turn those trips into vacations.  No guarantees but we will see.     


  1. Chris when in SMA ON A SUNDAY MORNING go the gas station close to the hotel Real de Minas at 7.45am and there will be a hiking group and also them for directions to the suspension bridge behind La Comer so you can do that on your own cheers les

    1. Thanks for the tip Les. I always wondered where that bridge was.

  2. We'll be in touch! We want you to show us one of your favorite restaurants now that you've lived there awhile.

    1. Hmmmmmm.... that won't be an easy decision, but I'm happy to choose one! Looking forward to seeing you. Safe travels.

  3. Your vacation in SMA sounds like a relaxing time. Love your future travel plans with the job turning into a vacation.