Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ensenada Tourist Zone - Malecon

Today is Thursday and I am running out of steam. I have been out everyday doing my exercise, being a good tourist and then working from 3 to 7 p.m. I usually come back to my room, have a drink and check my mail and then get a bite to eat.

Yesterday we took a drive out to San Miguel, a small gringo community that has mostly travel trailers with add on rooms. I checked a house there that was two small bedrooms and one bath for 70,000 dollars. The view if great and it is semi-private. They charge 5 dollars entrance and have quiet hours so it keeps the malvivientes out.

The hotel I'm staying at is one block from the beach and this is the big tourist zone. It is about 12 blocks long and covers two streets. Just about everything is expensive in terms of food, drink and souvenirs. You go two blocks over and you can get the locals prices. However, it is really nice here and still has that flavor of old Mexico. I have really enjoyed my stay here and I hope we come back to spend a whole summer. Today it is so cold that I need a jacket. Can you imagine, here it is 68 degrees and at home it is 102. Where would you rather be?

I haven't had time to check out this hotel in front of mine, Villa Fontana. It looks interesting, kind of like an old motor hotel. Everything in town is well-maintained, the streets are clean and people are very courteous drivers.

As I said the other day, there are no franchise or brand-name hotels here in Ensenada. Most are family owned. Most are older hotels but in very good condition.

I took a walk along the malecon which runs along the water where the cruise ships dock. I have yet to catch a picture of one. Everytime I go down here they have already left.

This picture was taken from "El Mirador" (lookout). This is the port terminal which receives containers and ships from all over the world.

A view of Ensenada from above. The city now boasts a population of over 500,000 people.

And of course there is the famous Hussong's. This is actually around the corner from the original watering hole and this is their clothes and souvenir store. Everything Hussong's. If my brother were to see this he would remember us drinking beer and eating tacos. Things have really changed in the last 33 years.


  1. Very nice review and photos of Ensenada. But to clarify your comment about no franchise hotels in Ensenada, you appear to have stayed at the El Cid, a Best Western property that I designed and built. My own hotel is around the corner and is affiliated to Americas Best Value in chain. There are about 70 hotels, motels, B&B's in the Ensenada area. Sorry you didn't mention the nearby wine country where 90% of Mexico's wine is grown. Hope you have you back with more time.

  2. I don't consider Best Western a chain hotel, it is more like private hotels that hang their sign under Best Western. No Holiday Inns, City Express, Camino Real, Sheraton, etc.

    As for wine country, I wanted to go but didn't want to go alone. Better when I can go with my SO.

    The hotels in Ensenada are limited to some degree, why I don't know, maybe it is price and the level of tourist who visits there.

    Ensenada is a very nice place but as today shows, the beginning of 4th of July, not the best show of tourists; loud, noisy, disrespectful of Mexican laws, plus much more. I guess I need to post my dislikes.