Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tijuana To Ensenada

I'm finally getting around to posting. I have free time in the mornings but by the time I exercise, get cleaned up and have breakfast it seems like the day is gone. Also, the director of the English program here in Ensenada likes to take me places. So yesterday I had to go to a school to see the last day of classes that included a spelling bee. Woweee!

When I arrived in Tijuana I caught a bus right there in the airport. It cost 220 pesos direct from the airport to Ensenada. It saved quite a bit of time and I arrived in Ensenada an hour and a half later.

Flying over the Sea of Cortez between the mainland and the peninsula.
I think this is the reservoir just East of Tijuana.
Industrial parks abound near the airport. The maquilladora is still big business.

The Tijuana International Airport.

The trip was quite surprising. As I said the other day it has been 33 years since I was in Ensenada or taken the coast highway. I have been to Tijuana many times for work and it continues to grow. It has become a nice place. Just like in Ensenada, and most other Mexican cities, people have obtained higher levels of education and in turn found much better paying jobs. You can see it in the new neighborhoods and the consumerism that is taking place. Chain stores abound here in Ensenada; CostCo, Walmart, Starbucks, Chili's, Sears the list goes on and on.

Ensenada has also become a bit more expensive too. Fish tacos are now 11 pesos, some places that aren't so nice are 3 for 20 pesos. To each his own. I still have lots of pictures to take like the Riviera Casino which was built during Prohibition and drew crowds from the U.S. including William Hearst, Al Capone, Myrna Loy, just to name a few. It is now an historic landmark and is used for special events. We went there last night for drinks. It has been restored after it had been left to elements and vandals for years. They were able to salvage the chandiliers and painted ceilings.

Cruise ships continue to pull in and out and Ensenada is back in business after the impact of the Swine flu. The streets fill up in the late morning and by 4 p.m. the crowds dwindle and the ship pulls out. Alls cruise ships stop in Ensenada as it is the first port out of the U.S. and into Mexico.

There are lots of campgrounds on the way down to Ensenada. Granted, these are not rv parks but primitive campgrounds along the oceanfront just perfect for the boondocker. I don't know what the cost is but one great location is Salsipuedes off of the toll road about 20 minutes north of Ensenada. Camping is $8 per night, or $5 to park and surf for the day.

Another before getting to Ensenada is Saldamando, dry camping with water. 17 dollars a night for motorhomes up to 32 ft. I don't know what the other rates are but they do have a webpage.

First signs as you are leaving Tijuana indicate the water is near.
All the rage, highrise condos going up all along the coast.

102 kms of oceans views between TJ and Ensenada.

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  1. How absolutely interesting to read about Tijuana and Ensenada. We live across the way in San Carlos and I think I would like to explore there sometime. I love the photos.