Friday, July 17, 2009

Who Was That Guy Anyway?

A short note and a sad story. After being on the road for the last three weeks I was desperately needing a haircut. I go to El Cercado, the small town near my house and if I'm lucky the line isn't too long waiting for Luis to cut your hair.
Luis and I usually chat about everything but yesterday he said he had bad news about Oscar. Oscar was a 60ish man who lived three doors down from Luis' barber shop. Oscar was retired from IMSS and spent most of his days walking around town, hanging out in the town square, having a smoke or an ice cream bar. He was a short guy, very anglo looking for this area and he was the friendliest guy you could ever meet. A bit odd, shy, and scared of just about everything; traveling, getting robbed, his stash of money and most of all death. He said hello to everyone and everyone knew OscarĂ­n. A character of El Cercado.
Luis delivered the news that Oscar had been hit by a car and was killed. He had been to a local cantina and crossed in front of a car after what the driver thought was the okay to pass. The sad part is that no one went to Oscar's funeral. Turns out he had no family. What had happened to Oscar had also been the fate of his father and two brothers.
I was just surprised that a guy, that everyone knew could be discarded so easily. I found out where he is buried and I am going to visit him tomorrow. I just can't let his life go unnoticed.

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  1. oh, how very sad. I am glad you ar going to visit his earthly resting place.