Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Gestapo!

I've received the honorary title of Gestapo because I choose to publish factual information about rving and traveling in Mexico. Also, if I belonged to another forum they would have kicked me out by now for my comments.
The thing is, Rv.Net is an international forum. However, I am not allowed to talk about U.S. politics although other countries, including Canada and Mexico can be bashed by those who have an agenda.
I hate the dissemination of information that could be or is considered hearsay, personal experience that is limited or just flat out bashing.
If you feel I do Mexico a dishonor, disseminate information that is not valid or a lie, you need to publish those comments with specific information regarding misinformation you have received from me here on this blog. I have never deleted a comment based on its content.
The purpose of the blog is only that, to provide truthful information backed by facts, on living and boondocking in Mexico.