Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mexico Rving Videos

As I read about rvers beginning their trek south for the winter I start to wax melancholy. I was horsing around this morning wondering if any one posts videos of rving or boondocking in Mexico on YouTube. Sure enough, there are many videos and some may feature people we know or even yourselves. Kino Bay Melaque Baja RV Camping Mazatlan RV Park

Too many to list but going to YouTube and entering Rving Mexico or Boondocking Mexico, you will find what you are looking for.
The weather here in Monterrey is still hot with temps up to 37C and the humidity in the mornings hovers around 97 percent. Some of it burns off but it doesnt drop below 60 percent. Tonight we are expecting a cold front with strong winds and lowering the temps a bit and then rain again over the weekend and next week.
Im just waiting for December, not that I wont enjoy the time in between. We still dont know what path we will take although I would like to try the west coast although I am sure we wont find a park and I will need to start doing some boondocking research. West coast is all new to me in terms of rving. I did have a great time this July when I was in Ensenada and it looks like a good place to settle for a couple of weeks, hanging out, visiting the wineries etc.

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