Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Didn't Have a Clue!

I swear I didn't know the dog was pregnant. Yesterday morning at 4:45 while I was watching the morning news I heard strange sounds and went looking for the cats. They were under the bed. As we walked into the living room, I heard babies crying. We went outside and there in the bamboo, Friend had built a nest and given birth to four puppies.

I have never had a pregnant dog much less puppies. We have always spayed and neutered our pets.

Friend is pretty dirty and stinky but the vet says I can't bring her in for grooming until Saturday and we need to do it quickly as to not leave the pups alone for very long.

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. I will be looking for good homes as soon as it is possible.


  1. Time for some detailed and ongoing instructions from the vet.

    The pups will make good pictures for the blog.

  2. Is she your dog or just a visitor to your bamboo? Did you bring her inside withthe babies? She looks a little worried in this picture. Poor thing.

  3. Wow...who would have thought?! You and Juan are grandparents!