Saturday, October 10, 2009

Remember The Movie "The Birds"

Well, it's starting to worry me a bit. I just went to take the clothes out of the solar clothes dryer and the cats were in shock. They have never seen so many birds in the yard at one time. Niether have I. More are coming now as I look out the window.

We just received cold front number five and the temps have dropped to a wonderful 20C at is already noon. I'm in heaven. Now is the time I love living here.

This morning I drove down to Allende. The drive was magnificent, too bad I didn't have the camera with me. Everything is so green and the air clean. They put up some fencing around the land although it isn't quite finished. On Monday, they are installing a deadbolt on the sliding patio doors.

This afternoon I plan on just hanging out using the internet and watching some movies. Tomorrow is día libre, so we are going out for breakfast in the morning.

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  1. looks like a colony of Grackles have been ousted from there habitat. Maybe someone cut down a large olyander our tree. They are probably in search of a new location. best to keep them moving.