Monday, February 1, 2010

Arrived In Naples

A pretty good day. We arrived in Naples at 6 p.m. We slept in late until 7 a.m. We got the estimate of repairing the Funfinder, the repair equals it's value. We found a new 2008 Funfinder 230DS with dual slides that weighs in at 4400 lbs. Has everything we want. We like the price and are still in negociations. I am a little concerned about the length at 24 feet for the Durango. The weight is less than 4400 lbs so that is not an issue.

If anyone has any comments let me know. Here is the website for this model. We have the Durango Hemi rated at 8800 lbs.

Funfinder 230DS


  1. Hi Chris...we sell the CruiserRV line at the RV dealership where I work. All I can say, is that they have been a great company to deal with from a warranty perspective. Any time a customer has needed something covered, the company goes out of it's way to make sure the customer is happy.


  2. You are right about the poor quality of the units the RV manufacturers are putting out there. If that is their BEST work, it really makes me wonder what the average, everyday stuff looks like.

    And as far as highlighting the big units at an RV show in Florida in January? They are marketing to the snowbirds who seem to only want bigger and bigger. They should just buy a house and get it over with.

  3. Too bad about the cost of repairs Chris! They are not going to be that generous with a trade-in offer after knowing that.