Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time For Mardi Gras

The weather warmed up a bit yesterday and the sun was shining. The wind was blowing but not quite as hard. We were going to take a bus downtown to avoid the traffic but on the advice of the rv park owner, we took our car and drove down to the French Market.

We had no problems at all and parked in a practically empty parking lot that charges by the hour. We stayed from 11 to 3:30 and the charge was 25 dollars, a lot less than the 40 we paid the other night. Everything and everybody has a Mardi Gras price.

We found our way around the French Quarter and made it to Canal Street just in time for a parade that was passing by.

It was really fun watching the people getting crazy and grabbing for the beads. People started drinking early in the morning or were still partying from the night before. We saw all kinds of crazy outfits, some were very creative and some were just plain ole silly. One that was really good and I couldn't get the shot was a guy with a baseball around him and a giant screw on top. Screwball! Get it! That was a good one.

We had a light snack at the Subway splitting a 6 inch veggie without cheese. I am back to my old diet again hoping to take off a few pounds before I start my 6 city tour in March.

Lured to Harrah's again, we played a few bucks for a couple of hours and decided to head home. By the time we got home and took a nap it was time for happy hour and dinner.

We watched "No Country For Old Men" with Tommy Lee Jones. Greaet movie.

Staying another day here in New Orleans will help us avoid the big storm passing through South Texas tomorrow and we have decided to get a massage today while we are in the French Quarter.

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