Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why I Like Texas State Parks Brazos Bend - Lake Casa Blanca

In the past I have commented about the day use fees that state parks charge. I don't agree with charging overnighters a day use fee in addition to a full-hookup site. There are annual passes and in the case of Texas it is 60 dollars for day use and that fee includes all the persons at the same site. So why without the pass do they charge for each individual? Questions that will always go unanswered. I also think that state parks should go primitive sites only no generators. That is or was the purpose of the state parks was to provide a natural environment for camping and enjoying the great outdoors. If they did that more people would rely on solar.

Here we are at Brazos Bend which is located outside of Houston, Tx. The park is far off the beaten path and has tons of wildlife, alligators included, and tall pines.

At Lake Casa Blanca, you have a great place to stay before crossing the border into Mexico or your return trip. The park is located on the East side of Laredo on the outskirts of town. There are shops and supermarkets nearby to stock up before leaving. The lake is quiet at night as many people come during the day for boating and fishing. The sites are spaced a bit closer than most but much more room than an rv park. There are lots of areas for walking and picnicing. The rangers said that weekends with good weather and Semana Santa are times you want to avoid because of the crowds. The sunset and night views are fantastic and many sites are located along the waters edge or within a few feet.


  1. Hi Chris. We agree with you on the day use fees as well as the fact that all camping in state, provincial and national parks should be primative. Maybe then camping in these parks would not be so expensive as they would need less staff working and less maintance. We love staying in these types of parks and would do more of it then.


  2. Chris, where is the old building located on the top of your blog page?, your camper is in front of it like your camping there, it is so cool, cheers Wayne

  3. Hi Guys. Angela and I are back state side as we have some admin to look after on our properties and we need to buy a smart car trailer.

    We really enjoy reading your Blog as you are a really a great writer.

    Next year might be a funny year for us as depending on Gizmos health we may be touring Asia. If he is still with us (he'll be in year 17 then) we may choose not to travel too far and Mexico may not be in our travels. We will truly miss it and the Mexican people....but we shall return. :)

    Take care you two.