Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Now Comes The Cold!

More rain late yesterday followed by cold weather down in the 40s. Not bad though, no snow and below freezing temperatures.

We went to the Collier County Museum yesterday and we were in luck. Not only did we tour the museum but there is also an exhibition of Clyde Butcher photography. He is a well-known Everglades photographer.

The information at the museum gives you a good history of the area, the Everglades, its people and culture. The museum and the information is very well designed and done.

This is a small gazebo garden in back of the museum, they have a large walk that takes through all of the native flora of Florida.

My brother and I in front of the museum. He happened to receive a call from another sibling who is wintering on Maui. We had a chat and some good laughs on the phone.

Dinners and happy hours continue on a regular basis and tonight we are going the Waterfront with my brother and his wife to celebrate their birthdays. That should be a real humdinger.


  1. What a nice picture of you and your brother!

  2. Hola, mi amigo! What is happening with the new RV? Give us a report.