Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fruitful Gatherings - Oremos Por Mexico

Yesterday we took a drive into town for a fantastically well-organized prayer meeting. It took place in front of the Governors Palace at the Macroplaza. 20,000 people from all faiths gathered to pray for peace in Mexico. I have to think that many from the Catholic faith did not participate as it was mostly evangelically driven and here in Mexico Catholics stick pretty much to themselves.

I was truly impressed. I am not too fond of organized religion but I do consider myself a very spiritual person. That is another blog post and one that I pretty much keep to myself unless we are having a discussion with other people. It is one of my favorite topics and I like to share my beliefs. They are quite a bit different.

What I liked was that there were lots of teenagers from all walks of life, or here in Mexico many different classes. I would rather see them with their hands raised believing in something that later in life they make other decisions about their belief system then to have them out doing drugs and getting involved in gangs. Once they are grown they do whatever they want but at least have a good running start at life.

There was lots of live music, government officials who spoke about morals and values and the need for more of "at home" education. Also, to remind us that we too are part of the problem as well as part of the solution to which I agree wholeheartedly.

We left our car at the multi-level parking at the convention center and took the boat on the riverwalk 3.7 kms meandering along the route watching families with their kids enjoying a Saturday afternoon. It was actually picture perfect. Going back to the car we took the boat again but with the most spectacular view of a full moon. The sky was clear, the stars were out and I really thought that I was a true idiot to not take the camera. Then next full moon is November 19th I believe and I want to return to take that boat ride at night and video tape the whole thing.

This weekend was work time. I had promised myself that last year was my last year to rake leaves. Well, the house hasnt sold yet and here I am. Well, the good thing is that if we dont sell the house soon at least we have a new rv to get out once and awhile.

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