Monday, October 4, 2010

Things That I Did Today

First off, the Mexican stock market hit an all time high of 34,200 although it closed at 34,040 a second record closing for the year. The dollar closed at 12.14/12.69. I guess life goes on. We went to a birthday party on Saturday. Juan said it looks like nobody cares anymore. We will just carry on with life and not let things stop us.

So today I went to Allende. I had a skirt made out of block put around the trailer last year. It needed a touch up of paint. While I was painting two guys from the vidriera (glass shop) came by to change out a broken window on the slide out.

I also am pushing to get an answer on our insurance claim for the house. If they aren't going to pay I want to get the work started. We stopped by Lowe's (we now have two in Monterrey) to see what Dremel tools they carry. I want to cut the grout around a couple of cracked floor tiles we have. I saw a DIY video on YouTube that shows how it is done but I'm not sure what tool wheel to buy. I found some that are for metal thinking those might work. What do you think?

I also picked up the king size bedspread from the cleaners. The place I used to take it, Suprema in Monterrey, now charges 258 pesos which was a big increase from last year. I decided to do some shopping around. Believe it or not, we have a dry cleaners here in our little town and they washed it for 100 pesos. As I have said before, everything in Monterrey is double.

Anyway, the trailer is in very good condition and I think we will sell it. ¨Things have changed and I really thought we would have sold the house by now and moved out there. We keep pluggin' along but we don't use the trailer. It's time to let someone have it that can really use it. Too bad we don't have a HD diesel pickup, but 40ft is a lot to pull around.

As a p.s., keep George in mind. He's a good man and needs lots of support right now. Send him some energy.


  1. You should get a masonry cut-off blade, not a metal one. If you are thinking of one of those little Dremel with an 1/8" chuck, I think that is too small to get the job done. You should look for a 4" angle grinder with a masonry wheel, with a recessed hub. That will allow you to use it to get the grout out under the tile. I assume that you are not going to save the cracked tile. You're going to create a lot of dust. Good Luck.

  2. Thanks Phil. This is the Dremel video:

    And then I found this one, my floor tiles are 12X12 so this might be a good solution: