Monday, October 18, 2010

Sorry, I Can't Keep A Secret

As I have told you before, I am a real research bug. It can work both ways though. I searched and searched for a travel trailer. Everything I came up with was always not what we wanted but I really wanted an rv, if that makes any sense. In other words, whatever it would take we would have an rv for Christmas. My "favorites" link is full of rvs we checked, called on, even looked at in person on our trips to Texas.

Over the weekend I made the remark that I regretted selling the 18ft as we would still have something to travel in and not be stuck at home. I was then "regaƱado" (given the ole shaking finger) and I got back on the internet to see if there were any of the particular model we had in mind still available. They were only made for one model year and very few were made. I believe there are only six used ones available. When someone has something in mind, it is best to follow through with their wishes.

Well, I got on the internet and found what I thought was an internet scam. I sent the email, received a response and checked the name on the internet. What I found was that the person I was corresponding with was a regional sales manager for a manufacturer. I won't give the whole story away but we found what we were looking for at a price we could afford. We will now be rving in December somewhere around the 20th.

I have to admit, we or I will be driving for at least three days to get our dream retirement rv. For most of you it is "just a travel trailer". For us, it is so spacious, luxurious and most of all fits our budget, the length and weight are perfect too! I figure I'll be taking off somewhere around November 10th sometime after my work trip to Guatemala. It has all the bells and whistles we would have never even thought of purchasing.

I don't know as of yet, what we will do with the rv. We may just keep it at our house in San Antonio for a while before importing it into Mexico. However, what good would an rv do me sitting in Texas after our Christmas trip.

It now appears that things are in motion, in terms of retirement. I received an offer from a Mexican wholesaler on our 40ft travel trailer this afternoon. I am meeting with a real estate agent this week. Are we on a roll?

May I present our Funfinder 230DX:

Our first mod, adding shower doors.


  1. Back on the road. Yee ha. So when are you comin up to the great white north with the new "house"?? Maybe wait until summer.... :)

  2. Holy cow. My comment worked, after 6 months I finally got my password sorted out.