Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan Williams Is Angry At NPR

This is not rv or Mexico related but:

A sad situation and one that just shows us that money comes before ethics. Juan Williams worked for NPR for years and was a feature on my friend Bill O'Rielly's The Spin Zone (tongue in cheek).

Now Juan has taken the defensive. He actually brought some common sense reasoning to Fox and Bill O and it created a somewhat middle ground.

He lost a fan here and probably more. He is now out to bring NPR down and I think he will have the backing and the support to at least shake things up. As an rver and road driver, I thrive on the availability of NPR affiliates and the great relief they bring from the lies that are told by the far right.

It looks like this is a win for Bill, Glen and Rush. What a shame. Credibility is not what it used to be. On tonight's Fox show, Juan played the interview between Bill and NPR where Bill said, "so this ends the interview". We weren't allowed to see NPR's response. This is typical of Fox News and Bill O'Rielly.

BTW, to be able to respond in one Bill's infamous polling questions, you need to become a member to be able to vote. That throws the poll right out the window.

Sometime before I die, I will read the memoirs of Juan Williams and his regrets to give into a 2 million dollar contract instead of sticking to his morals and values.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    I think we have far more in common than I originally thought. I love NPR, and would dare say that I am on much more "unfriendly" terms with Bill'O than you are. ;-)

    Just one more reason of many that Mexico is looking so attractive. I don't have a TV now and don't miss it at all.

    (But satellite radio and NPR are a god sent).