Monday, February 20, 2012

Making Plans

We had a great weekend and another family party on Saturday.  It was a success as usual and we celebrated Juan's birthday (Feb. 23) and Valentine's Day.   We didn't do the casarolas (potluck) this time around.  Instead we all pitched in and had carne asada.   It was a great dinner and everyone had fun.

                                             I stick out like a sore thumb!

Juan and his great-niece Helen and some delicious Valentine cupcakes.

One of our nieces who is in the university came up with a great game for all to play.  We taped a blank sheet of paper to each person's back and then went around and wrote an adjective that we thought best described the person.   It was a lot of fun, kids and adults alike enjoyed it.

I may have mentioned that I have some work coming up in March and April.  I just couldn't turn down the money, it is too good.  I mentioned to Croft that I have a two-week break in the middle of March and we may be able to meet up somewhere around Saltillo for a couple of days.

In May, we are thinking of returning to the mountains of Jalisco spending some time at Hacienda Contreras.  I just read that Kevin and Ruth may spend some time during summer there so that would be cool to meet up with them.  They like to get out and hike and we do to.   After that, I would like to continue to stay in a cool climate until the end of August although Juan has a folkloric dance event in July.   Well, I could hang out somewhere until he finishes and comes back.

BTW, my niece Lisa finished her last chemo treatment for breast cancer over the weekend.  I need to get an update from her or her sister to see how she is doing.   I know she will be fine but I love her so much, just like all my kids, that I worry about her.


  1. You are a little pale, mi amigo! Happy Birthday Juan!!!!!!!!!!

  2. All we have to look for is the "Man in Black"
    hmmm.. Johnny Cash, Steve Jobs and Chris..
    Happy Birthday Juan

  3. oops, meant to send this ahier....Feliz Compleanos Juan!