Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Okay, I feel compelled to post on my blog.  There's so much to talk about but if we are not on the road I think I am boring readers.  I know many of you are following George on his blog Tioga and George as he travels through Guatemala.  I envy him and he really knows how to show people around.   The pictures and comments are incredible and it makes me want to get a Class B and drive to Panama.

The rains finally let up and the sun came out on Monday.   Well, that didn't last long and I need to get the guy here this afternoon to cut the grass.  Rain will return tomorrow through the weekend.  Major bummer.   Although I have to say that the trees are already showing leaves and the cycle begins again.   I wonder how many more cycles I will see in my lifetime?  Hmmm, depressing question.   I guess you just keep going and then "poof", one day the lights go out.  

I want to talk a bit about something I saw in the news that I find disturbing.  I know I have said I won't talk about it on the blog but I find it incredible and I will attempt to write about it without mentioning names.  I hope you can read between the lines if not drop me a mail.

Two guys were caught in the U.S. who are cousins of a distributor.  This distributor worked in five states and reported to the most well-known of them all.   He fled to Mexico in 2002, was captured in 2008 and returned to the U.S. and finally sentenced to prision.  This person was the largest U.S. distributor and yet I had never heard of him and there is only one small note on the internet between 2008 and today.  Items do appear but only on personal blogs.   Isn't that kind of amazing and yet you hear daily in the U.S. about what is going on in Mexico.  This was a major accomplishment for the authorities yet CNN, Fox or any other major news organization has reported on it.   Very odd.

I am in the search for a two bedroom condo in San Miguel de Allende.  Les turned me on to one but it has since been rented.  If anyone knows anyone or has a contact, please let me know. 


  1. Chris, Chris, Chris, you are way to young to look for your curtain call, however, always watch for falling sandbags! Mo is finally getting back on the road to recovery with her triple bypass, but we're stuck in Opelika AL until she starts and finishes cardio rehab.

    Although you are not traveling, we're always eagar to hear real news from Mexico. Is there a Presidential election in Mex this yr? Quit listening to Fox and you'll feel better. There is little actual news anywhere on US TV. We now watch news update from CCTV news--Chinese station on satellite. They have real world-wide news. Have to look past the "China is great" messaging.

  2. Tough reading between the lines, but mostly I think you are accurate. I am not sure you need a Class B to go to Panama. Good luck. I appreciate your view and the perspective it has from Monterrey.